Tuesday, December 28, 2010


1) Yesterday I received an email confirmation that THIS blog is HOT... that is, it is considered knowledgeable and useful to chess nuts (like most of us) all around. There is some Blog type Badge I should sport and perhaps I will get around to it. In the meantime, if you cruise to this site, why not sign up and prove it? My web guy is working on setting up this Blog on my new web site (don't hold your breath)... so we can badge that maybe. I am not 100% sure that these places are on the up and up. There are a lot of blogs out there and you've noticed mine has no ads. Not a good way for me to pick up a few extra shekels. When I have seen, by the by, what some Blogsters write about, I can tell it is all about getting attention, or love, or something. To me, it is simply to grow my business. I've been around, one of these days, I won't be. Right offer? I'll sell. Still, you can't knock 40 years of experience and doing it all except perhaps playing in a world championship event, which, by the way, has no interest for me.

2) There is a TRYPTICH SALE going on right now. Three things: New Books, New DVDs, and a SALE on recent or older DVDs. The prices are a lot lower than usual. I have already sent the SALE list out to all Gold Card 2010 holders. They DID respond. What's left will be for sale to the rest of my Gilbert & Lange list. If you don't get a copy later tonight (good through this Friday) send me an email and request to be put on my catalog lists.

That email would be:


PS: Remind me tomorrow to write about the "high-end" chess club plans I had when I was in Savannah... nothing like it anywhere, anywhere. Including hot shot St. Louis.

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