Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I hope you weren't one of those who has been waiting to buy the $99.95, eight pounds of goodies box, which was to expire after Dec. 13th. No more complete sets.

Ah the early birds did catch the worm. I went to my old shop last night as well as my office basement to see if I could find more boxes of issues of SQUARES and of course I found plenty. But there was one magazine (nope, not the low print run of #8, which I still have some of), which I won't name, for which out of all the boxes I had, several dozen, that # was missing! I only found two copies and today they go out to fill orders received yesterday.

So... I am sorry to report that until (if) I find another box, this SALE has to be suspended. Rats.

I am doing some thinking to see if I can come up with something else to offer a BIG wow or send off and so far nothing has appeared. I have some copies of Chess Previews (somewhere), but do I have enough complete sets? All of my materials have not yet been moved to my offices, so I can't check at the moment, it may be January. I have had requests for Chess Hammers too but can't find the digital files.

Maybe I can offer another box, sans the complete set of SQUARES, at a reduced price. Let me think about what I have. Supplies were dwindling.

Experience has shown that I get orders at the last minute on things like this but alas, this time I can't fulfill. Please check back. In the meantime, i am putting the finishing touches on the new Semester of The Chess Reports.

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