Thursday, December 30, 2010


Would you like to be part of a mastermind group with me?
Not everyone can be, so if you have a "rejection complex", you can still have fun with the things I do as TPi, G&L CHESS and lots of other stuff. No problem there.

Today a lot of things crossed my mind, organizations which are useless, advertising which is worthless to you from other sources. I told a GM recently that the publicity in the US (and world?) for chess is a joke. It's amazing the number of "weak" people involved in PR, tournaments, and all that because of politics and people who are looking to enrich themselves.

I know things few others do because people who I trust (and who trust me) have told me things they would be afraid to tell others. The chess world, in many places, is quite corrupt OR, worse, completely incompetent. I doubt there is anything we can do about that... but, we can do our own stuff. Maybe we will become our own force, but, barring that, we can have some great times and learn some powerful stuff at "meetings" that really accomplish something [if you know me, you know I hate meetings]. One of the biggest obstacles to progress these days, which I found out a couple days ago, is called The Learning Curve. Many no longer want to be educated or learn anymore than they already know... and I imagine we all believe that.

Napoleon Hill came up with the idea of Mastermind Groups. It can be finance, education, fund raising, and why not, chess? Hill, some of you know, built a tremendous business concerning helping people of all kinds really achieve their goals or even find their goals to achieve.

I am not looking for credentials. If you have them, fine. But I am looking for talent. Leaders. Organizers. Doers, Thinkers--people who would like to make PROGRESS. The key to forming a mastermind group is to get people together of a like mind. This doesn't mean "yes men," it means people of a like mind and value. We have to have common goals--for example, the Good of Chess which many of the honchos could care less about.

Would it cost to join? Yes it would cost something as all mastermind groups do, because I would expend a lot of time and energy starting the agenda, a place and ETC. The first meeting will be in Las Vegas at the Chess Book Camp. Like I said, these be will people who can help each other be MORE than they already are. If you ever heard of the Bourbaki Group, then you might have some idea what they did... revamp modern mathematics.

Take a chance... contact me:

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