Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Andrew Martin's Center Counter Uprising (I'm calling it.) will have most of the text straightened out tonight and then I'll make a PDF with some kind of cover. Maybe investigate an eBook next month for the iPad, Kindle crowd.

Friday I might be able to get the DVD finished. I have a bunch of people eagerly awaiting this DVD, but will need 43 to break even (I think), so get your advance order in now for $29.95 because next month it goes to $39.95.

Since I've been through the book and the DVD I can tell you there are some nice surprises in this edition and it looks like White might be going back to the drawing board again.

One last thing, been watching DVDs today until my fillings are falling out. Will be a big review of recent ones in issue #119 of The Chess Reports. Subscribe today, just $69.96.

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