Friday, December 10, 2010


Didn't even realize that I missed Thursday. Anyway:

1) TCR #118 is out. You might recall that for Semester 9 everyone who had subscribed for Semester 8 re-upped for Sem. 9. For Sem. 10 we have 11 more to go. Expect to pick up at least half of them.

2) Things are happening with the possibility of a place, and a time (May?) in Las Vegas. Been talking to some potential guest speakers. Those "celebs" who are slow to answer will be left behind. I've never had time for primping and posturing. It's amazing how many interesting people I meet through my business either via email, post, or phone. Just finished talking with Mike V. from Wisconsin (returning customer) who has been selling books on poker (if you are interested, contact me). Now he's selling playing cards and said he's doing OK. He suggested a place in LV and I checked it out and it looks great.... so, stay tuned, will let you know: great food, new, stylish, always looking for customers, and such.

I've been planning a "book" for the Book Camp and now I have to retrace my steps from what I was thinking about this morning. The brain is doing 60 in idle and 100 mph going down the one ways.

I am always getting questions about books, dvds, equipment and FREE stuff for inmates who beg me for things by telling me they have no money (the first con), and how they intend to become world class players (a second con), and on and on... but it gave me an idea... to help everyone. More time to use up. Mainly, everyone has to know "you" in your specialty. You don't have to be available to everyone, but they need to know where to go to get what they need and then, be on their way. The website will come in handy there.

Soon as you see me being "knocked," think of the word "jealous." Been happening for years. I never gave ti much thought until when I was married in 2001 my wife said she saw it all between the lines as well as overtly. Now I get it. I look at what these other outfits are doing and I am NOT impressed in any way. "Old School" thinking and promotion. Makes me feel sorry for the real "old schoolers" who actually knew what they were doing because the new crowd has to compete with texting, and being unemployed (how the heck do they afford cell phones?).

Been a rocking busy week, so better get off the seat and spring back into action.

Later crew...

PS: Am out of the "Box" promotion unless I can find more of a particular issue of SQUARES. Sorry 'bout that.

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