Monday, December 13, 2010


I have not forgotten the CJS Purdy fans. As I mentioned several months ago the first issue would be in December, and it looks like that will still happen, only a little later in the month. I have been working on the contents as well as a list of games that Dr. Ralph Tykodi published in the first four volumes of CJS Purdy's Fine Art of Annotation and Other Thoughts. I don't want to duplicate. Also, there were some games Ralph didn't do, but besides that, there were some amazing articles on things which sound simple but show you that problems existed 80 years back such as "Time Controls" and oddities like that. The yin and yang of Purdy's chess publications was very interesting and in most of these areas Ralph did not too much concern himself.

Everything goes along at a pace and with respect to this NEW publication, rather than every two months it makes more sense to make it every three months. As it is, I have two issues left of Chess EXTRAS and I have been working on those too. I have the material, always varied, the time is the problem. The squeaky wheel gets most of the grease. Subscription to that is $65 for 6 issues.

In the meantime I will be making MAIL RUNS to the post office every day up through Christmastime. Today, Dec. 13th is a deadline for the Special BOX offer but that was already cancelled last week. But I still have the other items on the revised end of that list. I will update this Wednesday, as time permits.

Work on the web site is continuing unabated.

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