Friday, December 31, 2010


Well, 2010 is almost gone but I am still getting phone calls, letters, and emails from those who were at the Last Chess Clinic telling me what a great time they had, even better than 2009. I have been leaking some very vague details to some friends for their opinions.

Everyone seems excited. Not one person said anything even remotely like, "Geez, what a bad dream" or "It's too far," or anything else of a negative nature. I am trying to organize something around the National Open in June. No further details yet. Everything emerges over time.

I wrote about mastermind groups yesterday.

Lots going on... let's see if we can keep the momentum up. Am hoping for 50-100 attendees at Las Vegas. The more, the better the event will be (you know me). I've been to Las Vegas many times, always on business or to play chess. Of course it is a gambler's paradise but that's not MY reason for going. At any rate I am looking at a "during the week event" which drops the cost of staying overnight by a staggering amount.

More details coming...

Oh yes, by the way: Happy New Year.

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