Friday, December 3, 2010


Today I did something that I don't like to do, go to the Post Office when there are bad weather conditions. But, I know customers are counting on G&L CHESS. Really. You paid, you would like to get your stuff ASAP. Other times I worked only 2-3 blocks from the PO.

The traffic was pretty bad. I took side streets and also cut out when I saw the traffic would not move, etc. Keep an even keel, don't rush, don't spin tires--because all you will do is slide sideways or, not make it up the hill.

I managed to get to the post office because there were some smart people who decided not to go. So I was waited on, then left with 10 minutes to spare. In front of me were big Ford trucks, SUVs, and people who don't know about weather forecasts (yesterday they said 7 inches of snow--but I am sure most were too busy texting to pay any attention). Through it all, I got home quickly... while most everyone takes the main routes???

Earlier this afternoon I was working on a big article for issue #119 for the Chess Reports due on Christmas eve. I am looking at Boris Spassky playing as White and some dude who has a better idea. I recall saying to myself, "No, don't do that! You're gonna die over there." He did. Spassky smashed him. Principles are around for a reason: get your pieces out, avoid moving pieces multiple times in the opening, don't win a pawn if it costs you a lot of time. "Genius" ignores that. Maybe he thought Spassky would beat him anyway and his MA (mental attitude) was, "Go for it!" Lesson: Leave the MAIN road only IF you know what you are doing! The way I travelled? I have used these alternate routes many times and have a good feel for different traffic patterns. Like looking at possible moves ahead over the chessboard, I was thinking about the possibilities of alternate routes BEFORE I got there.

I was going to go to Borders after the PO, get some hot chocolate, and do a lot of thinking about 2011 but I decided to go home and count myself fortunate. Maybe that was a DRAW, but I am here right now, writing to you.

Tomorrow, if I haven't gone on the road to my Mom and Dad's I'll write a little about Las Vegas in 2011.

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PS: Be really careful on the roads. Put weigh in your vehicle (ballast), in the rear. Were the street crews out? I never saw them--in Davenport they wait until everyone is stuck on the side of the road before they show up and bury you in more snow.

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