Saturday, December 18, 2010


One sees few comments on the Blogs I write and there are several reasons for that:
1) Readers agree... yes, that happens;
2) Readers could be lazy, but I doubt it or why waste time reading;
3) I get emails mostly.

But it's okay to share thoughts with others... at least I would think so.

I don't write what I do write to stir up trouble, I have other things to do... but sometimes responses do show up! You might guess that yesterday's brought a few as others are also PO'd about the poor level of service in this country. Here's a few things:

1) Service costs money, we all know that. So try making a product that doesn't break (that is, not a piece of s---) and include instructions which make sense. I have a master's degree in mathematics and sometimes the instructions would task a math professor. We know people can write poorly but who checks the writers? Does anyone?
2) Customers going somewhere else costs money. Believe it, there are companies who are satisfied with getting into your wallet ONE time, if the purchase is big enough. I'm never that satisfied.

Regarding #2, if I build a successful business out of G&L CHESS, which does seem to be happening, it would stand to reason that the more successful it is the more I would profit IF one day I should sell it, right? So how come there are those who buy a business (which is usually cheaper in the long run than starting a new business) and instead of running it the way it was being run, they drive it right into the ground? Usually this happens when the "new" guys believe they know more than the guy they bought it from. That is NOT the same thing as recognizing OPPORTUNITY.

A similar thing happens in publishing chess books. A newbie will look at TPi, or some other business and say to themselves: "I can get more type on a page which reduces the cost OR because I get more type on a page I can have more pages and charge a higher price." Gee, I wonder why no one else has thought of that??? Often the book will take on an appearance of being unreadable which pretty much will kill future sales and future business. I knew a company like that. They folded. The boss was a numbskull, but here's the cool part: He thought everyone else didn't know what they were doing.

It really is worthwhile to study the WHYs before going off half-cocked. Now while this may possibly be discussed in side-sessions at the Las vegas Book Camp I intend to have, there really is so much more. Yesterday, or the day before, I was in contact with someone who knows the Boot Camp idea, or Retreats... whatever, and the ideas were so good I will be incorporating many of them into what I want to do while keeping the subject on chess or possibly other high-brow but interesting material. And to make it all successful, it has to be intense, info packed, accomplishing something... and so on. Then, relax in the evening. I am excited about this and will be telling you more soon.

I need a little more time to get organized... and finish up a few other projects such as the "Critical Secrets Workbook," a video, another book, etc. The variety including a project call "A Million Games" blows my mind. A title like A Million Games will get your attention even if no one but myself knows what it means. Sometimes one needs help. So stay tuned and we'll see what happens.

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