Thursday, September 30, 2010


Last night I sent the cover and textblock files to one of my printers, for The Critical Secret for Success. Hoorah. I will order a stack of books for the formerly titled Chess Secrets on Friday. I think it is a terrific book but with ONE problem. After submitting it for printing, I had some more ideas! They will have to wait until a followup book--not the same one, but more (though the book size is the same size); I had this problem with The Chess Assassin's Business Manual too, but I made a predetermined cutoff of 300 pages, which I stuck with. You might consider my new book as a Volume 2, but it is really on a wholly NEW subject and no repeat of material. It will be 198 pages, so together, almost 500 pages. The book will be available, it looks like, at the Last Chess Clinic for $39.95. A number of people, 16-18 I think, have pre-ordered. I am only doing a print run of 50 copies at this time! I've also listed the price to be on Amazon, at $99.00 as I am not really after their selling it, they cheapen everything, including GREAT stuff. But my real reason for that high price point is that the material is worth it. I recently paid $100 for a spiral bound book that, to me, was totally worth what I paid! I read 200+ pages in a day and a half and couldn't get enough. I hope you feel the same way. If not, read it again. I had to read some things I wrote, three times, to get the FULL impact of what I was writing!

If you aren't coming to the clinic there are other prices from $49.95 to $79.95. And yes, I have already sold at the higher prices. The whole concept introduced a new line of books, in my mind, called "Secrets and Successes." Better than the "Dummies" or "Complete Idiots" books but only for subjects I know something about. I may contract other authors for other subjects but they have to give real value and be comprehensible.

I have no idea how many of my books will eventually sell but the content has varied and interesting "bits", and can be used in presentations, speeches, and other venues if you can convert the metaphoric word "chess" into something else. I'll be getting some additional graphics via Fedex tomorrow.

While there are "marginalia," it is not overwhelming like in some books--which end up being nothing more than a giant distraction. Contact me if you want to know more and I will put you on a Special List.

Also, tonight I will be finishing The Chess Reports which is due for tomorrow. I've been out of town for 9 hours today visiting my folks, so I am wired for production after a 2 hour nap.

I'm getting notes from a lot of people who are really looking for ward to the Chess Clinic.

See you tomorrow I expect.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The Chess Reports... Timing of reviews and prices of new items.

Some newcomers to my business, and possibly some older ones, may look for a certain item or a certain price and may not find it, or it may not have been posted yet.

This Friday issue #114 of The Chess Reports will be out and it will have commentary on, and pricing of, very recent things I have in stock.

One reason everything can't be done all at once: it's only me here. This week I am finishing TCR, and three books by Saturday--interior and covers. Extremely time consuming. 3-4 days a week I am at the post office because in MY neighborhood there are no regular scheduled pickups of my outgoing mail. Openings boxes of new stuff, writing these "Quirky" newsletters as one guy called them. I work about 12 hours a day. More orders to me would make it more fun wouldn't it? Usually orders go out within 24 hours, questions get answered as I have time.

I've been working a lot on the Chess Clinic. So far I have opted not to have surgery to add two more arms. In the "old" days when I had 2-3 extra employees you would find that a very few worriers would send me an email order in the morning and then call to see if I got it. That only slows things down doesn't it?

I no longer have employees because I can't afford the cost of vacations, health insurance, and raises... all things Americans like. I can't afford it because everyone in this country from Amazon on down, wants a discount of some kind on what they buy (there are a few who don't care, they know I will give them my best price). So instead of taking an item off the shelf and entering the retail price less some kind of a discount, it has to be looked up and priced. For example, today: I got a number of new items in and they will all need to be inventoried, priced, described, and such. In one case a customer has been waiting for several items for some time from a new vendor I began using. I just went ahead and shipped the items to him and will charge his card and take care of paperwork tonight. I thought it in his best interests to get those things right off to him. Remembering to send the paperwork to him is a priority because he has NO email address(!) Yep, I take care of everybody.

I could use a few more (15) registrants to the Chess Clinic. We have 35 paid. Then everyone can converge and get everything they need at the clinic. To handle all this stuff I will need to create an extensive listing in carbon paper form since I am not lugging all my computer equipment there! Will have credit card (electronic) operations, I am told.

Subscriptions: $59.95 for semester 9, thirteen fat issues via email only. $49.95 if you are a GOLD CARD holder. Having The Chess Reports makes everything easier.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Registration for the Last Chess Clinic. Funny thing, people who have NOT indicated they are coming are the ones who are asking me "How is it going?" Why the prurient interest? Naturally they are locals!

Several have indicated they may show up at the last minute for one reason or another. Yep, I'll believe it when I see it. I think it could still happen that I will be full. One guy wants to come and said he may not be able to make it until Saturday, and that is IF the weather is GOOD. (If the weather is BAD, he has to attend a business meeting!) Said he would still pay the $150.

We'll see... I've recently had to refund three registrations due to health reasons. So I have sold 35 tickets.

I was supposed to get a brochure out on Friday on the French Defense. Not yet, held over. Today I finished proofing The Critical Secret for Success and will send it to the printer tonight. Then, back to this Friday's Chess Reports. Then My Search for Chess Perfection and another book I am working on for David Rudel. Finish up and send off my Lasker the Ultimate Streetfighter to the printer too. I have never been this busy in my life (what life?).

The Special Gambit List I sent out last week is working. So a few items are gone. Maybe more this evening. I will send it out once again before the week is over. A few titles are gone and will stay gone. Do not wait until the sale is over to ask for them.

ChessBase 11 will be at my distributor's in 3 weeks. It has to come from Germany. I have several new books coming in too. Stay tuned to this channel and I will tell you what they are when they get here, but they look good. I have some new DVDs to tell you about too. The 3 from Simon Williams are simply AWESOME on the French and Dutch. I'll have the French reviewed for The Chess Reports (just picked up another subscriber to it and Chess EXTRAS.)

If you ever wonder why I do all of these publications it's simple: it's how I make my living because selling chess books doesn't help that much and there are lots of good books out there. I see a new one from Gambit by a guy named Kosikov which looks great--on Strategy. I find that is a very strained part of chess--what to do and HOW to do it? Will have copies for sale in a few weeks.

That's enough for now. Maybe I've sent you something recently that you can't live without.


Monday, September 27, 2010


Recently I got an amusing email from someone who wanted to be dropped from my chess mailing list. He said it was OK to reprint it and was surprised I wanted to. I explained that it is nice to get courteous replies sometimes too instead of reporting me to my bulk emailer for sending somebody perceived spam.

Here it is:

"I never explained to anyone before why I wanted to be removed from a mailing list, but your emails are so quirky and personal that I thought you deserved a brief explanation. Like what used to happen in the days when people did business face-to-face.
I happened upon a Purdy book a while back (when Strand Bookstore still had a downtown Manhattan branch, so a pretty good while back). It was remaindered, and I took a flyer on it. I was buying a handful of chess books because my son was slightly interested, and I became slightly interested.
I thought Purdy was a very good writer. I emailed you to see what else there was.
But I've put chess on a far back burner. At age 57, I'm having trouble with things like remembering openings. [That's why I was curious about Purdy's Colle-type system.]
I've been devoting my time to learning the Racing Rules of Sailing, which is about as complicated and tactical as chess. And you get a much louder crashing sound when you make a mistake.
So thank you for your quirky emails, but please take me off your list.
Thank you for your courtesy."

Former e-mail guy.

He followed up with:

"You may use my email if you like, although I don't imagine it will sell many chess books for you.
Maybe you should branch out into sailboat racing books. There is a surprising similarity in the tactical issues. A good opening, or a good start, is absolutely vital in both, and volumes have been written on this alone. But in sailing, it's more like 20 players moving the pieces all at the same time, without taking turns. Very interesting.
Anyway, I am flattered by your regard for my email, and I wish you well. If I get back to chess, you'll be among the first to hear about it."

A very nice man... but I have no intention of getting into sailing books as I know nothing about sailing, but always thought it might be fun. I have finished half the proofing for the "secrets" book. Should go to the printer in a few days. Hope you will consider coming to the Chess Clinic if only to save a pile of money on this first edition. $39.95 versus $99.95 at the end of the year! I think it is very good. It has taken me weeks and weeks to write and rewrite it. I make my living this way--is this a living? About 200 pages now.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


"is that it might not work out."

This headline comes this morning from marketing master Seth Godin in his daily blog (

On the other hand he follows up with its counterpart"

"The problem with not putting it all on the line is that it will never (ever) change things for the better… Not much of a choice, I think. No risk, no art. No art, no reward."

This describes my goal of 50 paid seats for the Chess Clinic. I believe it can be done, IF I get help from you. I can't state an unrealistic goal and HOPE that others will go along with my kind of performance.

Over the years and 9 other major events and a couple smaller ones --in the invites I have sent out -- I have received my share of "BE BACKS." Anyone who sells knows what those are: promises which won't be fulfilled. Every mall artist, dishware, or martial arts salesman has heard it. Bookstores hear it and I've heard it. After taking up one's time by asking questions (and usually, "just one more question"), showing interest, a decision is put on hold by walking away and saying, "I'll be back." But, as you know, they don't come back. The only guy I have ever seen come back was the Terminator and that was a movie!

Salespeople like me have heard of the city, or town, of Think-It-Over, Iowa (I wish Iowa wasn't picked for this, but it is true enough). According to Dan Kennedy, "There the only traffic light stays yellow, the only color is gray, there's only one item on the restaurant's menu, and nothing ever changes -- every family's TV stays on whatever channel it's set on when first delivered to the home, because changing it requires decisions, which they must think over and never stop thinking it over until they die."

I do know people who, after they got all the visual aid salespitches (brochures via email) they never say a thing to me about their decisions until I contact them personally. It's a different form of beback. The local chess club has 20 members, only one of them is coming to the upcoming chess clinic. Two other Davenporters who don't BELONG to the chess club now or anymore, ARE coming. From the times I have been there EVERY one of those players could use some kind of coaching or extra help, instead, they pay the monthly tournament fee, which over a year isn't any different than the clinic cost, and they continue to wander around like the Israelites after they fled Egypt. What's totally amazing is that this is in their own backyard.

I thank all of you who have signed up and welcome all those who want to come and WILL come.

October 22-23, Clarion Hotel, 7-9 Friday evening, 10-6 Saturday. Want more information? Contact me at:

Friday, September 24, 2010


Originally titled "Chess Secrets," the text for this book is finished. More proofing is being done to eradicate those little snippets of irritation which DO NOT creep in at the last minute, instead, which are there and have not yet been discovered. The biggest problem is invariably caused by adding things at that very last minute and "assuming" (always incorrectly of course) they are "bug free." Not true kemo sabe.

Several things to do today, to finish up and have a great weekend... and I hope you do too.

I got a complaint from my bulk email provider. Someone bitched about getting something from me (didn't say what it was) that was SPAM. I don't do this, but I do have a few idiots on my lists who ask me for something and later on "forget" they contacted me first! Would I want to do business with someone like that? No way. Once in a while someone will object to my use of the word IDIOT--apparently they have never met one. I still get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night and don't have time to argue with them.

I have, at various times, indicated in my email postings that if someone wants OUT, just let me know. Apparently it is easier to email someone else, explain their problem, blah blah blah, than it is to write me and have me delete their ass forever, right now. They want to flex their mental muscle, which admittedly will probably only take a nano second, but that's what is happening. Want to make sure I am "aware" of their upsetedness. These "people" are still walking the earth and I can only "assume" that any hair growing around their knuckles has been worn off from dragging them on the ground.

Every morning I get stuff from companies who want to do this or that. If I am not interested I do the unsubscribe thing (when it exists) or just delete it. If the anti-spammers want to go after egregious companies how about those that have "unsubscribe links" but when you get there the maze is so complicated that a lab rat couldn't find its way out, and you still remained "connected." Sometimes the questions they ask about leaving are so convoluted that you know it is designed to keep you, but why would they want to? Only thing I can think of is to sell your name on an email list to someone else. I've never sold email addresses.

Going to a "Doo Wop" show tomorrow night. Put some real rock 'n roll in my veins.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tomorrow I should have another brochure going out to my customers and potential customers on the French Defense. 3 different sets!

1. Rustam Kasimdzhanov... taking White's side. Brilliant analyses. Three ChessBase DVDs.

2. Andrew Martin. Three Foxy videos. DVDs.

3. Simon Williams. Two GingerGM videos. DVDs.

Each one has its advantages. All different materials for each. If you play the French or are thinking of doing so... I highly recommend them. Don't overlook Kasimdhzanov's stuff to make Black look bad.

Pricing announced tomorrow.

BTW, I've noticed several people are asking me to set aside items to be picked up at the Chess Clinic. Generally I don't like doing this because I have been on the short end when a few screwball characters would end up not showing or picking up the goods--therefore not paying--therefore not selling to someone else.

I will give it another shot. Let me know what you would like.


PS: Clarion Hotel. 563-391-1230.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Except for the daily blog when you don't hear from me it is because I am working on a "must get done" project.

1. Yesterday it was sending out a SALE sheet on Gambit books. I gave it, this time, a two week response time for you to save money (over and to prove some points--do deadlines work? Reason I ask is that someone asked me why I created such short time frames? Answer: It is a Call to Action. The stats show that if you can't get people energized by the weekend, you won't get them energized or spending period (few exceptions). If I do not make sales, I am toast. This lengthened Time Period of two weeks, has so far, not worked at all but to prove it I will have to wait two weeks won't I?

2. Today I sent out brochure #11 on the Last Chess Clinic to rouse some more people from their slumber. I also visited Mo Brady's to find out if they could seat close to 50 people after the event is over, at 7 p.m. on Saturday. I'll be calling Rita, the manager, tomorrow.

3. Sent off a lot of returned toner cartridges to HP today for ecological reasons. At $100 a pop, it gets serious.

4. Last week I was working heavily on the Index for Purdy's My Search for Chess Perfection. It will be 20 pages!!! Three columns. Plus an extra chapter which was inadvertently excluded from the 2006 edition. It will be about 420 pages and be priced at $39.95. I still have clean up to do. Every printer who knows me wants to bid on this book!

5. The interior of Lasker: Ultimate Streetfighter is finished, but I need to whip together the cover. This goes FREE to Clinic attendees. I could probably do it in two hours but by the time the evening rolls around I am beat! This book series will also be used in what will be termed a "Continuity Program," which will be explained soon enough.

6. My other personal project, The Critical Secret for Success, alternately called Chess Secrets, is close to being finished. It started out with a goal of 100 pages and is now 175 with probably 5 more to go and no index planned. Also, to add on, a workbook called The Critical Secret for Success Clipboard. In both cases these two dynamite books will save you a HUGE chunk if bought AT the Chess Clinic. Information will be emailed out on all these projects.

7. Review copies and sales sheets will be going out on Andrew Tocher's new book, In Your Face Chess Novelties.

There's been a lot of other stuff such as dealing with the hotel, ordering supplies and so forth. Am setting YOU up for a good time. Tonight, I need to get bills paid and order more stuff.

7. I guess I've been sitting on my butt!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A chessbook has been published with problems which are not solvable by chess engines? Tell me, I would like to purchase it (well, it depends on who the publisher is).

Two issues ago in Chess EXTRAS I published, I believe, 4 such problems. Yes, they had solutions, but only in one case did a "chess engine" solve it. The problem with ALL chess engines is that sometimes they get locked into an idea like a bulldog chewing on your pant leg and they won't let go!

They were provided by GM Karsten Mueller. The one problem which was "solved" took more than 24 hours the others weren't close. How do you know when an "engine" can solve it? If you know the "solution" and you give the position a little rope (a "push") then the engine will often (not always) find it, eventually. If they get off the track from the first move, it will take them years (sometimes) to find the move because unless you have a computer which has terabytes of RAM it can't push and sort nor cajole. You end up with a board with pieces and no clear indication of what to do. This "horizon" type of effect has at this point meant that computers are not gods, though some people think they are.

Yes, those "unsolvable" positions were solved with HUMAN brains because they "intuited" what had to be done in order to "try something else."

I am trying a new David vs. Goliath experiment in chess pricing. If you have not received a 5-page listing by this evening, send me your email address (and first and last name) and I will fire one to you... it's a SALE on Gambit's chess books. I hope you participate. I am trying to FIND a method of reaching chess players so that they will shell out some "I want to buy X" money. So my offerings are more dynamic than others who I swear never watch a DVD or read a book. Ever. They know zero about their products. There are many colleagues in this business (unfortunately) and all the time I find them to be weak players and who KNOW nothing about what they are selling. I wish I could describe them, with name, but then they would fire the employee or the employee's boss! Or go after me because they can't think of anything constructive.

I do not buy chess books from Amazon, ever. They list and depict books I have never heard of, books which haven't come close to being available yet, booka from idiot publishers, take your money and of course, make you wait. But it is WORSE than that. Recently I was looking for a particular business book and in one case it had one author on the cover and the other case it looked like the same book but it was edited by a different author but the same cover!! I wanted to make sure I got the "latest" book (edition). There was no descriptive copy to read. Other sellers created the same problem by having different editions, covers, etc. I did a lot of "thinking," chose what I thought "might" be the right one and ordered it. Thank God I got the right one, finally. It's too damn much "work" for them because on many book sales they are willing to lose money in order to get you to buy an electric razor, a computer, or something else. I can't talk more about it, it makes me crazy.

new DVDs created by Simon Williams, the English GM who has done one on the Killer Dutch and one on the Killer French (2 vols.). I will be watching these over the next couple days. I've already been told they are great and I did watch a part of one online. So I am having high hopes. After all, the Dutch is a natural against QP openings and the French is so under-rated it isn't even funny! The French is sound, it is the player with the black pieces who isn't. How often have you heard of Korchnoi losing with the French? In fact, in the 1978 match in Manila, Korchnoi stymied, mightily, Karpov's French Tarrasch while no one else could.

Come to the Chess Clinic! Need details? Write me.

Monday, September 20, 2010


My friend Patti speculated that some are waiting to close to the last minute to see if I will offer a price reduction on the Last Chess Clinic to quickly fill it up. She said she spent $85 on a concert ticket and when the event wasn't sold out, the remaining tickets were offered at $40. She thought it was unfair. They wouldn't give her a price reduction on the ticket she had already bought--it was in the fine print "they said."

NOPE. I never do that. It IS unfair. I never drop the price of an event after people have already paid good money in good faith. What would they do the next time? Wait.

When I have sold at big chess events (including a US Open) I noted there were some people hanging around without saying anything. I asked them if there was something wrong. One guy said, "We are waiting for the last minute sale." I said, "What sale?" (Knowing full well what they were talking about.) They told me the names of 2-3 others who try to unload what they have at the last minute so they don't have to pack up and unpack when they get home (laziness knows no bounds). I said, "if you see something you want, you better get it now, because I don't do that." For years my best sales, especially in Wisconsin, were the "night before." I had regular clients who would stop by my room, cash or checkbooks in hand (or credit cards) and walk out with armloads of stuff before the "others" got there. In effect, they determined whether I would have a good weekend. The "last-minute" fellows missed out on all that. No leftovers.

The economics of selling off the left overs at the last minute, wasn't sound and it didn't build ONE iota of trust--necessary for any good relationship. There are more ingredients to a successful sale than just price, even today in these weird times.

So, 38 "tickets" have been sold, there are TWELVE left. $139 through Oct. 16th, $125 if you have a Gold Card. $150 at the door (if I am not SOLD OUT!)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I misnumbered the other day--so Adam Ford, a farmer in Illinois, is joining us as #38 (instead of #39). I called Adam to congratulate him for making a decision and a commitment! Thanks Adam. Now I want to thank Ron Suarez, our prize winner of the free pass to next year's event. Ron referred Adam to me and he got Adam to sign up (Ron forwarded my promotional materials to Adam). Once Adam cleared a previous obligation from his calendar, IT WAS ON TO the chess clinic. I love this kind of commitment. Many of you made the commitment too, now 38 of you. So Ron gets a REFERRAL prize.

He is going to have a great time and I would like the rest of you to welcome him too. I'd like to welcome YOU if you have yet to sign up.

This afternoon I was talking to a store owner (art store). He was depressed about business being slow and I could certainly sympathize with him. His first line of defense was to tell me he had been in business 33 years--which as most of you probably know me by now, means almost nothing to me. The question is: what good stuff did you do during the bad times (as well as the good)? I was giving him some free information. Still, I asked for his name and address and email addy--which he doesn't have (he had another excuse for that one). This guy is headed for a disappearance unless he changes his ways. He is NOT making a commitment to getting things to work. He is continuing to do what he's always done and the results are WORSE! When you play chess are your results getting worse? Or level? Come to the LAST CHESS CLINIC to stop that.

One person told me he came to the clinic last year and his playing ability now is like it was before. But he thinks he will get better by doing nothing. Does that make sense? Of course not. I have given this fellow lots of good advice, at no charge, in the past year and due to what appears to be an impulsive nature, he continues doing what he was doing last year, and getting beat up time and again. Of course he is not getting better even though, for a while, he was. Many habits are hard to break... and deep down, sometimes that reason is simply because NEW ways don't feel comfortable like the "old stuff" did. So what happens? The same old results!

In every endeavor where GOOD or IMPROVEMENT is the primary focus, every effort MUST be made to change from the old methods which aren't working, drop the old friends who are hurting you, and program yourself into a new you. Most people can't do this for long for ONE simple reason: they do not WANT what others have, badly enough! If you don't care whether you win or lose, you know which results you will get because lip service means nothing unless you put your feet to the fire.

On the other hand many of us know people who don't know how to have FUN at chess and the Clinic provides that too. This fellow I am referring to asked no questions last year that I remember. It starts with curiosity BEFORE passion.

Andrew Martin has forwarded me a TACTICS pdf! I will be sending it out to those who register for the clinic-- one week BEFORE the clinic starts. He said, "They can warm up." There's some good ones. You get this free for coming, otherwise, it is not for sale. This IS NOT the other stuff he is also supplying which I will be giving you! Andrew told me he was excited about so many people coming and he wants to do his share to show HIS commitment to those who attend.

By the way, someone said I forgot to mention the times of the Friday night event. That's not the case. I think for the first 6 or so promotions I sent out they were all on the back page! Apparently I sent too much information for him to want to read anything but the cover and a couple extra pages. This is NOT a "curious minds want to know" attitude. Once again, Friday night is 7-9 pm (or longer), and Saturday is 10-6 pm (but I will be opening about 9 a.m.) Saturday evening we will probably be meeting at Mo Brady's around the corner.

Advance information will be sent out 1-2 weeks before the event, so watch your email box.

Contact me any time by phone: 563-271-6657. Clarion Hotel (563-391-130) for registration at 5202 N. Brady St., Davenport, IA 52803. Oct. 22-23. $139 by October 16th. $150 at the door, $125 if you own a Gold Card.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yuzhou Zhang and his son Jiahua live in the Iowa City area but his family is from Shanghai. Fellow attendee Ron Nurmi (Des Moines) saw the Zhangs in a recent Chicago chess event and talked up the Clinic. Now it is a realty! This is how it is done. I know a few others who are talking to their friends this weekend.

If you haven't registered NOW is the time !!! The rate of registrations are speeding up. A mystery to me but I admit, I love it. Andrew loves it too.

One person told me I hadn't published the times on Friday. But I had, look on the page with the Order Form... I must've done about 6 of those. We are installing, among our attendees, an optometrist at our clinic who will "check" eyes. That could be another attendee, Dr. Ron Suarez who won the big prize AND is an eye doctor!

We should be getting Simon Williams new DVDs on the Killer Dutch and 2 volumes of the Killer French. Maybe today or Monday. I saw a preview of one and Williams does a spectacularly good job. You will want them. Pricing and that kind of data very soon.

Look forward to additional sign ups. The black and silver Gift Bags showed up two days ago. Exactly, 50 of them! No more.


Friday, September 17, 2010


The crunch of bills to pay every month is what keeps most business marketers occupied. Even though I am a one man operation it is no different here at G&L CHESS. I have a stack of ideas, plans and purposes to employ that would be much easier if I had at least one more person here but at the moment it is hard to afford myself.

But, less than ten years ago I had staff and I could spend 75% of my time putting together catalogs, creating events, working on books, and the rest of my time traveling to tournament sites to sell. Rita and Nate handled stocking shelves, packing, going to the post office and answering the phone and web orders. Now I do all of that except for the traveling to events part. People have asked why I don't do that any more and the answer is simple: It's hard to make any impportant money and at the same time give up the weekend where I can work on something more meaningful and profitable.

In the late eighties and mid 90s people were thirsty for chess stuff. I could outsell any competitor if they were in the same room with me (or even in another room). It was variety and product knowledge. I still have that but the customers are not as plentiful and I don't do those gigs very much. What a drain hauling stuff around, then schlepping them back and restocking the shelves (in a way this is a joke because some stuff will sit around in piles until I get around to it).

So I am working on a new David and Goliath catalog. The last one did well because there was no profit for me to make! That is, that extra money needed to restock, buy new things, and pay for my expenses. But books sitting on the shelves don't make any money either. So that's in the pipeline to reduce some of the stuff I would ordinarily bring with me to a festive event such as the Chess Clinic. When sales of something drastically slows, it is time to get it out of here. That one sale in 12 months isn't worth hanging onto. That's why stores like Borders are basically selling on consignment. If it sits there they eventually send it back and nowadays sooner than ever.

Seldom does a month go by where someone wants something and the publisher no longer has it. It wasn't bought when it was available and now some clown is trying to take an "ordinary" book and quintuple the price on eBay or Amazon and hope you are dumb enough to go for it. What many "buyers" don't realize is that those books seldom GO FOR $150, they are just asking for that much and often do not get it. Only that rare collector who has to have everything will go looking for it and knows enough to not pay $150 for it.

Years ago Drueke had their famous Players Choice sets, which over the years, I had sold a lot of. One thing I never liked that much about that set is that the weights in the bigger pieces often became "loose." But I had talked to one of the agents at Drueke and he told me they had 40 sets left and then there would be no more. I bought them all (this was not the first time Chessco did something like this). I think I sold them for $40 a set. Some people bought two. They all disappeared in that little tan colored box. A week later they were being listed on eBay for $160-180! As snow must fall in winter, I knew some of my buyers were trying to profit from their purchase in a big way. Yes, I never ran into even ONE person who paid that much for an attractive looking but flawed set. Someone told me that someone is still manufacturing a set like that for Drueke (or someone else, I would put nothing past "made in China" people). But I haven't seen them advertised and Drueke no longer sends their catalogs to me. I am too busy to ask for one.

I've started stocking the 107th issue and am willing to sell to those who want one at an attractive price. I also sell New in Chess Yearbooks (#96 will be here in a month or so). Unfortunately, as they got better in production quality, sales didn't increase for me and probably not for much anyone else but they were once a staple, a cash cow for those publishers. The material these days is better, more varied, and useful but people just don't want to pay high prices for a book that looks just like the last one. With a few exceptions, the thrill is not as present as it once was. However, a word to you that watch your money, my prices are quite reasonable and delivery is very good too. I no longer stock 2,500 different (yes, that's what I used to do) like I used to. It's less than 300 but it is a good three hundred. If you want to be put on my autoship lists for the newest Informants, I can do that for you. The price of each issue has a retail of $36 but to my regular buyers it has been dropped to $30.50. To Gold Card buyers it is even lower, $26.95, that's almost $10 off, making it more affordable.

If you want back issues let me know. I still like New in Chess Yearbooks better. The newest Informant has a Best Games section for Magnus Carlsen. Best games always have value and eye-opening surprise, so that's what's new here.

When to email, when to mail, what time of day or night? What about weekends? There are supposed to be immutable "laws" for all these things but I have found that is quite doubtful. Some don't act right away anyhow and that's why for certain product announcements I have to place deadlines because in a week or two something else will be here demanding attention. The chess world doesn't have a "My System" every year, we have to sell staples in the meantime.

I have an idea for a chess scorebook that, based on past "performance" of prototypes, would sell in piles (No it is not a Monroi), and make everyone some extra cash (and not any 1-4% like these picayunish banks offer). I am looking for those who might be interested in backing such a venture with a much better than average return on their "investment" (ROI). It would be a relatively quick launch and sale. After that it would just be "business as usual" and probably sell for a long, long time. I'm not pushing this really hard since I had this idea 5-6 years ago! Sometimes they are the most "obvious" ideas born of necessity in a very practical way. I even have a tantalizing NAME for the product (this is something lots of "inventors" never come up with and are too cheap to pay someone who can do this to increase awareness). So if being involved in jazz like this is on your "event horizon," let me know. After all, the chess world isn't just about books or DVDs or chess sets. Drop me an email.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


It was extended to September 18th, this Saturday. So you have two more days in which to register to win prizes such as FREE subscriptions and books between now and Saturday. $139 regular, $125 if you have a Gold Card. You can still get a Gold Card for $50 through this Saturday also (and several have).

35 registered, need 15 more. Make an effort will ya? (Teasing.)

In the past two days I have called several people up who came last year but so far I haven't heard from them for this year (locals, of course).... ahhhh, you wouldn't believe it anyway!!

Heading out to the gym now for some exercise. I hope you exercise PayPal, your charge card, or your writing hand, and sign up. Love to have you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yippee! Bart has been a customer since the 90s and said he always wanted to get to one of the shindigs and this time, he will do it! He works at US Air. This guy loves chess and has tried to recruit 3-4 additional people to come. So far he's gotten: 1) guy fell down and thinks he broke a couple ribs (thinks???); I forget the second "reason" but it was another eye-roller. Got another one this morning which was a doozy.

I remember telling someone once: It would be nice to hear something that was really believable. People must be embarrassed to not be able to say "It's just not my cup o' tea!" Or, "I don't want to spend the money on chess. I'm a smoker." Whatever. (I haven't gotten the "whatever" reason yet. I know I could think of ludicrous but much more interesting reasons such as: "Our Heavy Metal Band is having it's last night that weekend. We've been a total flop all these years but we kept hoping it would turn around. Turns out people don't like Heavy Metal or Rap but are afraid they will get beaten up by their peers! Besides, my hearing is now completely shot and I would miss everything Andrew Martin has to say. Really wish I could be there, wink, wink.")

Bart is #35, we thank him and Martin Stafford.

Belly up guys, to the bar. We will probably eat that Saturday night at "Mo Bradys." Great food, but I better contact them first. A block from the Hotel, you can walk!

Bart remembers my old catalogs such as "Son of Killer Chess Catalogs" and all the other crazy stuff I had going on back then, the Chess Gazettes, and lots of etcetera.


This is initiative for you. Martin Stafford and I have been in touch for several years. Martin lives in New Zealand, a place CJS Purdy was very familiar with (and he won a championship there too). He knew he would be in the US in October on business. So he re-arranged his flight schedule from Florida and is stopping by to see us which includes his "hero" Andrew Martin. Andrew and I are happy to have him!! Thanks for making the effort Martin. All the way from a 5% chance to 100%!! I love challenges like these and making them happen. That leaves 16 seats left. Hop in, show me your stuff.

In 1972 I had made the determination to go to Iceland to see the World Chess Championship match between Fischer and Spassky. Naturally I was glued to the news as to whether Fischer would show up. I left on a 10 or 11 o'clock flight (at night) on Loftleider airlines, the last flight Fischer could take and be on time for the match. He wasn't on it. Was this going to be a $1300 fiasco for this budding chess writer? Well, Fischer finally did show. I was there to see him lose the first game, not show up for the second and by that time I had to leave. I did get to see and meet a lot of famous chess personalities there. I'll tell you about it sometime.

$139 to register for the "2-day" chess clinic, starting Friday evening and running all day Saturday.
$125 if you are the holder of a Gold Card.

Keep trying to get your friends to come. I know some people, right now, who don't want people THEY know to miss this. The reason I got some of you to come is through a repeated application of asking you to come. It will work for some of you also! Don't give up. If they turn you down, don't take it as rejection, take it that you are in a better to position to enjoy what YOU like... and that we will be happy to meet you!

Payment by PayPal is OK. Thanks Martin, look forward to meeting you.

P.S.: Want to see a "big-time" English cricketer? I have current pictures of IM Andrew Martin in his uniform which will be posted in this coming issue of The Chess Reports. Single issue sale, $7.50 via PayPal, or subscribe for $59.95 for 13 issues. He's a swimmer too. I don't have picture of that, this time.

Monday, September 13, 2010


What an insanely busy day here. I will be back tomorrow. Am trying to find the wholesaler for various new Simon Williams' products. Have found the one in England but she points to 4 distribs. in the USA but they are all resellers, not wholesalers. So I am trying to work that out.

It's amazing how many people are in the software business or games, etc. who are Russian and they don't understand (some times) what we refer to as colloquialisms. But, I am sure we'll get it straightened out. I knew Americans who always confused a statement (of an account) with an invoice (of items) purchased. So it's not just internationals.

September 16th this coming up this Thursday for the deadline for getting your registration in for the Last Chess Clinic to be eligible for prizes. I am extending that to Saturday, Sept. 18th as that is more convenient. I was probably thinking (?) about something else when I chose that day. So, Sept. 18th it is.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


From out of the blue tonight I get a PayPal payment from my friend Calvin Hori in Massachusetts! He's coming! Yippee. Andrew Martin is a big draw, well-known, and lovable but I am happy to say a number of people have written, "I am looking forward to finally meeting YOU!" Gee guys, that's nice.

I came home this evening from listening to the Riverfront Pops by the Quad-City Symphony (these people are super human in Musical skill), right next to the powerful Mississippi River and I got a phone call from California from someone who I am sure will be #34 and he's got a friend who certainly sounds like #35. The guy from New Zealand sounds very much like #36.

As I've said before, I am sure I can make 50 filled and paid for seats for this, the Last Chess Clinc. And guess what, the guesses keep coming in on the CHESS SECRETS book and so far all the guesses except one (from a 2400 who should know better) have been good but have missed the mark. The only way to find out what it is is to buy the book at the clinic for $39.95. At the end of the year the price will go to $99.95 which should keep the secret for a while (who would want to give it away to someone else after having paid $100 for it?) Will I meet price resistance? Of course. And it will come from those very people who don't think they should ever have to pay "real money" for any thing, no matter how good it is. Sorry, but Bob Long has never operated that way. He learned all about "crowd control" from being in the magic business where books at $50-100 changed hands for the BEST secrets in magic and that was Twenty-Five years ago!

There will be a "continuity program." Briefly, what that means is, after you find out what the big S is, some of you will want to go further to make it happen for you. Some won't have to (you are a minority) but others will want to have a program. What that program does is supply you with additional "how to" information in printed or CD form (maybe DVDs), either on a monthly basis or bi-monthly basis. I have to look at my ever-crowded calendar. If you know me, you KNOW you will get your money's worth. So if I don't get hear from the super-frugal (except to complain), it won't bother me a bit. You find throughout most of history that when someone invents, or in this case discovers, a terrific opportunity, they develop a thick hide about giving it away to those who believe they have a driver's license which has imprinted on it, "Exception to the Rules of Life."

People are saddling up in increasing numbers. I wish I could have planned it that way, but this is all above board. I'm loving it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


My friend George Laven, formerly from the southern tip of Florida, has recently relocated to Tennessee after selling his boat and fishing business. George I am really looking forward to chatting with you when you get here!

George paid for his Last Chess Clinic registration by PayPal and you can too! Enter the amount in the right place on PayPal and my email address is what many know it to be: -- I'll process you, send you a receipt and we're done! It's that easy.

Some people have to go to a web site for anything they want on the net instead of just simply contacting someone by email, which George, and many others do, in 5 seconds. No B.S., no surveys, no remembering your password, setting up an account or any of that. However, soon I will be setting up a Purdy account for the new publication, the Purdy Chess Chronicles. So pretty soon I will be part of all that crapola.

See you soon or see you later. If you have any questions just drop me a line.

I just emailed a couple dozen Newsletters (#3) to "prospective" chess authors" (or any other kind of authors). Worth reading.

If you would like a copy, send me an email to:


You must like at least one. I suppose many of us have one or two and a website here and there. But Matt O'Brien has served up 50 for "How to Improve Your Game." Isn't that a lot? Don't people have better things to do (I don't mean him, I mean readers)?

The Chess Museum (this one) was chosen as one of them.

That's the news for today. Have to get back to 2-3 projects I have running. As I said to someone very recently, at some point you have to turn this "expended time in research" into something or you give diletantes a bad name!

Remember: October 22-23.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


you don't hear much from them anymore.

The Chess Reports will be at issue #113 a week from this Friday. I used to get all kinds of email (positive email), but nothing much anymore. Does that mean people are satisfied or too busy? Probably some of both.

The Chess Reports takes me about a week to put together. I listen to and watch a lot of DVDs, scour books, and look through things on my own bookshelves. Then with an idea in mind I go to ChessBase and dig up something tasty for those who DO love games and annotations, and yes, you guys exist.

Occasionally another thought rockets through my ears and I have to say something about it. Sales of merchandise through the publication could be better, but often it is a NOTICE to readers that such and such exists. At least I am trying to take it that way!

Yesterday there was a lot of Facebook back and forth posting between me and someone who wants to do a chess newsletter type of thing, but he felt someone else had the "market" cornered (not me, but I am not going to mention the name). I told him, "X is just wind, don't worry." If you have something worthwhile to say, do it, and find out that "talking" on Facebook is not enough. This fellow spends, by his own admission, almost all day online. I couldn't do that, life is too interesting... and the people he is writing to all day, who needs them either? This isn't even a social club because in social clubs people DO stuff. Writing is an "intellectual" pursuit in many ways and it can teach (instruct), it can make a difference, or it can be a way of not doing anything while looking like you are! Famous authors STILL write. Actors still act.

For you who read this and it appears there are quite a few of you, come out of hiding. Subscribe to The Chess Reports. Drop an email. Make a comment. It's $59.95. Guaranteed your satisfaction or your dough back.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


For the past week I have been working on an Index for Purdy's Search for Chess Perfection. I have Learned a lot!

If you just read rag-tag throughout the book you will learn some things, but if you approach it from page 1 to the end, you will learn more.

When one is tired it's time to stop doing. When I wake up in the a.m. my FOCUS is strongest. I can understand things when I am rested 3-4 times better than when it is late and I have to read the content over two or three times to get it. It also, in general, makes more sense.

It will be a good index, in terms of entries, but because I am not an English major, there will be no prizes awarded for superb indexing though they will be above average (by quite a bit). Cross-indexing is the hardest because it requires a certain amount of mental gymnastics, over and over. I can only cover 40-50 pages per day... thank God for computers.

But HERE is where the Index is really important: you see two things, Purdy's incessant search for the best positions, illustrations, examples, and content... and you see the names of certain "players" over and over on every subject. These players usually are: Steinitz, Capablanca, and Lasker. There are others such as Fine, Botvinnik, and so on, but those three are BIG.

If I had to pick out ONE thing of supreme importance by Purdy it is the subject of development. Second on the list might be a tie: combinations and positional play. You can't know these things by guessing, but if you peruse the Index, it's almost as good as reading the book because there are lots of tweaks, tuning, and extended discussions. The added page numbers will also "prove" their importance.

As much as I like to sell chess books, and I do, I could easily recommend My Search for Chess Perfection over almost anything else out there when it comes to brilliant examples and work by a man who not only believes what he writes, but is willing to come back to it and straighten out anything that may have been "messed up" in the stew. He differentiates articles in magazines from those in books. Brilliant.

I knew this book was good, was positive it was good, but this time around I am convinced it is off the charts! It is not a small book, it will be over 400 pages. It will contain an extra chapter which I somehow left out from an earlier edition, and it cleans up a few tiny things here and there.

His two sections on HOW to eliminate or reduce Blunders is worth the price of the book, but it requires very close study. In fact, one of these days, I may do those chapters as a small booklet with more diagrams and extra explanations and examples based on other parts of Purdy's works. It is that good but it is also that compact.

This new edition probably won't be here until early october. It will be $39.95. It will weigh more than 2 pounds. It is electric.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Someone said to me today: "Do you do anything on Labor Day? You're self-employed aren't you?"

I labor on most holidays. I am trying to bring my business back and beyond the "good days." Here's what I have found out in talking with a lot of people including those who run competing companies:
1. Some web sites are absolutely horrible and require lots of time to navigate. Simplification just seems impossible for them. They have the logic of a sandbag.
2. It's not unusual for staff to not get back to me about an order I HAVE PLACED! To stop everything all I have to do is ASK one question! Grinds to a halt.
3. There is no Memory for what has gone before in chess. Chess is nothing more than a commodity, just like a Wal-Mart but with employees not knowing anything about the product or able to answer questions. I suspect they don't even wear a blue vest!
4. I ordered a couple books last night (not chess) from and was told that because I wanted free shipping I might have to wait 5-9 "business" days. That's up to almost 2 regular weeks. Recently, two weeks ago I ordered two books through Borders. I've received one, the second one is still out there somewhere. This was through their shipping agent Alibris.
5. Many companies are too busy to sell anything. That selling stuff just gets in the way of doing other stuff.
6. If my question is not in their product description (and not about the cost) they go into a dither. "I'll get back to you on that," but they don't.
7. No one is open on Holidays (including the Post Office, which as you know, has a ton of holidays). Why aren't government employees treated like the rest of us? Why isn't Congress treated like the rest of us? Until they get this they are going to keep getting voted out of office even if the new persons are no better than the old ones.

I constantly get emails from people who are flabbergasted at quick replies. If I have to hire an extra hand do you have any idea how much effort I will need to put into training that employee? And of course the emphasis is to get someone who won't act like the overpaid bozos who are out there already. When Nate and Rita were working for me I would put them up against anyone!! (Even business owners.) Nate is an electronics engineer now and Rita is working at a blood center in town, probably staving off Dracula and that Twilight crew!

If you are a customer, that is, someone who actually buys stuff, I hope you give me a try. I don't have a web site yet but I imagine you can all read the newsletters and catalogs I send out! Orders always get the Big Priority around here.

All this and still promoting the Last Chess Clinic. Yes, I do sleep, 8 hours a day.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


This morning I prepared 17 printed packets of info to send out by mail time to those who I've sold to in the past, but most of whom do not have email addresses (or didn't have the last time I contacted them). These will go out around the country. In a recent Broadband survey, for Iowa, it was revealed that about a third of all the houses (21% no broadband and 10-11 % don't have a computer or use it if they do) were not using the internet, for all kinds of reasons. Years ago I guessed that this was so for at least 25% of my customers and people told me they found that hard to believe (letting facts get in the way of THEIR lifestyle).

Some people (like me) just like to get MAIL and have it be something worthwhile. Isn't that part of the issue? Who wants to get ONLY letters from insurance companies, credit card companies, pizza offers, and Social Security stuff? Except for the pizza companies, all of this mail is unbelievably uninteresting and I don't eat pizza because I am diabetic.

But the point is, I am doing whatever is necessary to get people to come to the chess clinic which is only 5 weeks or so away. Others are helping by asking their "friends." I put "friends" in quotes because often when we get right down to it, personal friends treat us as if WE (you and me) are trying to scam money from them! Those who have told me they have asked others are: Ed reedy, Bob Lynch, Roger Kromphardt, Ron Nurmi, Steve Lamansky, Andy Ansel, Laz Munoz, William Shehan, Bob Woodworth, and Ken MacDonald. Bless you all. Bob Woodworth must have a great friend in John Hoffmann because he IS coming. THESE are the kinds of friends we really want in our life.

I wouldn't be surprised if some ask, "Davenport, Iowa, where is that?" Pure ignorance. I know where a lot of cities are in the US and I don't ask that question. This CLINIC will keep you busy, you won't have time for other stuff (miniature golf, bowling, shopping, museums, etc. but your significant other will!) This is about chess for us. It's the same way with "magic events." All the effort is on the magicians, the tricks, the friendships. Here, at this clinic you will be in touch with those who have tastes similar to yours. Friendships are easily made. Jim Perry, Dale Suilmann, and Julian Wan joined my son Rob, myself, and Andrew Martin in Savannah, GA in 2008. Ron Nurmi and Steve Lamansky came earlier (I had a date change, which they knew about, but couldn't swing coming down twice) were "available." It was a small crowd but one of the best. Now there is at least 10 times that. But the friendships formed at the evening restaurants and lunches in the Savannah area were priceless. And it just gets better.

Dollarwise we are talking probably 300 dollars or so if you register, get a room for one night, gas and some food. If you buy other things (at the clinic and elsewhere) you could easily go to $500 or more. But it's a Gig, and what a gig! I've known people to go to A baseball game in Chicago, with a couple kids, easily blow a thou. So it still comes down to WHAT turns you on. My "friends" (you folks) often just tell me, "Bob, I need a time out."

I am trying to make this the MOST turned you on event I have ever held. Hope you come. Call me at 563-271-6657.

PS: There is a fellow in the Pacific Rim who has been emailing me and it sounds very likely (thumbs up) that he will be coming. Change his itinerary, etc. but he can do it. Fortunately NONE of those who are coming let other stuff get into their way. You people, you're great, I love it, and will be seeing you soon.

Now, back to "indexing" the revised Purdy book--which I predict will be a HUGE hit.

Friday, September 3, 2010


We've got our 30th registrant, and first international one, Ken MacDonald from up North. Welcome Ken. Ken and I go back to the early 70s when he was the "man in charge of CCCA", and I sold chess books to Canadians! (Wow Ken, that was a long time ago.)
Ken has been to several Chess Festivals and he just offered an unsolicited testimonial for Andrew Martin: "I don't play/study chess any longer, but Martin was great at the Festival and I'll bet be he will be good there also."
It's true, he will be. I've neglected to mention that Andrew has a keen sense of humor and he is extremely quick-witted. And he's easy to hear. Now about that accent....! I don't have any trouble understanding him, you won't either. Adjust your brain.

It's Friday, and already I am having a GOOD day. I expect #31 later in the day!

It will be nice seeing you again Ken. Last time was in Savannah, GA in 2008 at that Pirate's Cove restaurant.

The 31st is Bob Ratcliff, a friend of mine from the Illowa Chess Club many years ago. Bob's wife Terry was in the choir with me and one day the subject of chess came up, the next thing I knew I was telling him about this event. He said he'd come. No arm twisting whatsoever (I like that!). He lives in Davenport so I pick up another "local." You're gonna have a great time Bob.

I read recently how Purdy "jump started" subscriptions to his Australasian Chess Review. He belonged to a club which he helped quickly grow to 300 members!! While he did pick upadditional subscribers from Australia (and New Zealand) guess where a huge number came from? The United States!! It's that damnable "out of town effect" again! If you are from out of town you get more respect. In that same vein Fr. Edward Catich was one of the world's premier calligrapher's and stone cutter's. Yet he resided in Davenport because he knew he wouldn't be "bothered." He was also one of the top correspondence chess players in the US. If you want to be ignored, move to Davenport, Iowa, I guarantee you won't be pursued or bothered unless you die!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Did this title catch most of us by surprise? I just got my stock today.

66 annotated games with almost half from the fifth match (1990). Several tournaments including knock out, Linares, some rapid and blitz. Another beautiful production.

Kasparov also discusses what it's like to put on an event where there is only bitching and moaning by others. Now he knows for sure you just can't please everyone. He also recounts a speech he gave where he "challenged" the right of FIDE to hold world championship matches, etc. (As usual, this type of remark comes AFTER one has become a world champion. Even then there is only limited "power.")

All Karpov and Kasparov games with lots of interesting commentary. Of course many of us love chess history and there is a lot of it here. 432 pages. Hardcover with dustjacket. Retails for $45.00. If you buy it from me at G&L Chess you will save $9.00. If you have a 2010 Gold Card you will save $13.50. I will ship for FREE.

I expect more later. Right now I have less than half a dozen on hand. Send an email if you are looking for a quick ship.

Also just in last night is Andrew Tocher's In Your Face Chess Novelties. It is $15.95, 115 pages. If you want it with the Kasparov book mentioned above, FREE shipping there also. If you want ti by itself it is two bucks extra. As always I look forward to hearing from you.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


In a drawing for Chess Clinic signups through August 16th, Earl Zismer, from Dubuque, is the winner of a set of SHOCKER DVDs from Thinkers' Press (us) and Andrew Martin! I apologize for the delay on this. Earl has been to a number of my events over the years and he's a great guy, a hard worker, and enjoys chess when he can! Thanks for signing up Earl. The package will be delivered at the Chess Clinic.

I expect #30 tomorrow or the next day if he is not beaten to it! He's already contacted me, but you know me, I don't publish until it's a done deal. Sometimes the temptation is strong to do that, but I have to resist as I recall, "Hmmmm.... hasn't this turned out to be unadvisable before?"

If you think this is an achievement it is (big numbers for the Chess Clinic) but I had 54 PAID at the Chess Festival in 2002. There were 4 chess (+1 non chess) celebrities at that one (which makes a difference). The additional person was Ray Smullyan, who ended up being the HIT of the weekend. In fact, GM Jonathan Rowson was later invited to Smullyan's home in the Catskills of NY (Ray has a nice place there, in the woods, thousands and thousands of books, and he loves breakfasts just like I do). Jonathan did go and they became good friends.

So if I can get 50 people with Andrew as the main celeb, that's great. I've also confirmed that Andres Hortillosa will be here on Friday night with his Smart Chess Demo. I'll be putting up more info on that in the next emailing I send out. Pic above.

Hard to believe it is September already. Don't wait! only 7 weeks left.