Friday, April 29, 2011


If you bought the book The Critical Secret For Success at Chess or Anything Else, which was written for the Last Chess Clinic in October 2010, then you knew I was going to put out a newsletter (FREE) for that book and its investors.

It went out today to them. One guy who read it admitted to me that it was hard work he didn't have time for. At least he was honest if nothing else.

In it, in 7 pages, Grandmaster Alex Yermolinsky reviewed the book... or at least enough of it for you to see his take. In addition, while agreeing (thank you) with what I wrote, Yermo added some content of his own and some of his personal recommendations when he was younger.

The book is not cheap, $99 from Amazon. These days, in the magic business, books regularly sell for more than $100. If you think about it for a few seconds you should know why: Something very important is contained within, and it is only allowed to seep out to a select audience. In my book the "secret" is what you are paying for. There are many chapters including a Bonus one.

So it's a lengthy newsletter. And I will SEND it to you FREE as a PDF, as he wrote it, upon request. I need your email address and name. Maybe it will inspire you enough to get the book from Amazon, or from me ($79.95 postpaid anywhere). All I can say is that Alex did a good job in reviewing the book and understanding me, but he didn't get a chance to do the last 4-5 chapters, so there is even more "meat" on those bones of Merlin.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Just sent out issue #127 of THE CHESS REPORTS... the penultimate one. A number of articles were included such as the Alekhine Chatard Attack games of Viktor Korchnoi and a few of my own. It seems, to me anyway, that Korchnoi was not particularly adept at handling the White or the Black side of this scary system and I suspect his "bluff" kept many at bay for years.

The cover features a piece of art done years before, for me, by Jay Christenson of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It shows a riverboat gambler chess player with his squeeze, looking perilously over his shoulder and the distracted opponent wondering if he was losing, was it his turn to move, or just plain "Gulp!" The whole picture was featured in my book The Chess Assassin's Business Manual, but it was only in black and white. There are only a few copies of that book left and the price has been raised to $32.50.

Actually, this was an artist's depiction of a real-life situation which happened to a friend of mine, former Texas state chess champ Bill Wheeler. He told me about it in 1972 when we were both in Iceland for the Spassky-Fischer match. The "victim" was Wheeler himself but I believe he did win the game. I thought it particularly "cute" that Jason stuck a "spare Knight" in the gambler's hatband, just in case. And I loved the Snidely Whiplash touch.

Now and again I see good art like this in chess, but not too often. T-shirts are particularly "rank," and I am not referring to the rows on the chessboard. In all these years us chessplayers have gotten what we could afford to pay. When a money making opportunity comes around it is rife with amateurs, rip off artists, and that SMALL percentage of people who are really talented and can produce the goods. But when I have seen t-shirts at chess events I NEVER have seen a rush to buy out the vendor. Not too pound my chest too loudly, but I usually sell out the few times I have done it. I have no more Fischer t-shirts, nor any of the other ones.

In 2010 at the Last Chess Clinic I meant to set aside a t-shirt for myself, and set one aside, but someone grabbed it and without knowing it was mine, I sold it to them! I will have to do better if I do that in the future, put the stuff UNDER the table. It was a madhouse at the sales table.

I am hoping to have some more fun at Red Wing in Minnesota this July. Found out after my event the US Open starts the next day! Isn't that unbelievable? It's so hard to pick a date. I purposely stayed away from the first week in August and they moved it to the end of July. Thanks Orlando. Don't you guys have Mickey Mouse? I've been to Orlando in July and it is a BAD time to be there!! If you don't know what HOT means, I pity you.

I will be producing a set of CDs for The Chess Reports in PDF form. While the regular retail is about $550 this set will be 60+% OFF! So stay tuned. If you have a GOLD CARD you can save even more.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Robert Newshutz is, I believe, from Minnesota. He said he would publicize the Chess Soiree to take place in Red Wing, MN with GM Alex Yermolinsky.

His blog is:

Similar to where this Blogpost is coming from, Google.

Tonight and tomorrow I will be putting touches (finishing ones) on the first real Announcement publicizing this event. I hope you folks will read it in the spirit in which it is written: To get you to come to a fine event, have a good time, and learn something along the way.

I plan to discuss the subject of PLANNING which is so poorly covered in chess and to which I have been its victim more than once. Purdy's ghost will have a few words to add also.

GM Yermolinsky will be discerning with us the value of GM Viktor Moskalenko's new work, Revolutionize Your Chess. This was originally going to be part of the Las Vegas Chess Book Camp, but for various reasons, that has been reworked.

It's $189 for two days. There are discounts, but you have to MOVE on it.
More details coming, but why wait--plunge in, the water will be fine.


Sunday, April 24, 2011


But now answering single emails has provided another unneeded twist.

I got dozens of kind folks telling me they got the bulk email sending, but now when I try to answer them, I am told my outgoing server isn't up to snuff. So I am still poking around.

The "problem" with the original batch sending appeared to be the 1.8 Mb file I was sending. Contacting the program developers, they said I could send files up to 15 Mb in size. Maybe, but not this time. So I removed some pages and it worked. Took all evening and night, but it worked.

So while I wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER, there are still some things to take care of. See you when I see you. And to think, the thought of ditching my cell phone had occurred to me too.

Belt tightening is the order of the day as it appears more hiring is being done (a paradox?). Sounds crazy but that's what I am experiencing. April, as I said in an earlier emailing, really bites the Big One.

So this year it will be important for me to more closely watch April for 2012.

Maybe I'll get out today and "smell the roses."

Saturday, April 23, 2011


We have been in the age of advanced technology for some time and it doesn't always work. I "heard" from an engineer I went to school with, in electronics, before 2000, about "cloud computing." So I can imagine others knew about this too and it is NO recent phenomenon. My skepticism has been borne out with Amazon's servers being, essentially, down for several days.

I think what is most incomprehensible to me is that "technocrats" NEVER seem to realize there will come a time when "stuff doesn't work as planned." Especially the stuff which is guaranteed to work such as the "paperless office" I heard about in the mid-80s at a conference I was at. I didn't believe that one either--it has gotten worse! Who is serving this KoolAid? And why are they drinking it themselves?

I want software to work ON my desktop. It has, for many years. I can't trust "cloud computing" to store my stuff AND to get good access to what I need NOW (it will always be slower). I don't trust the gatewatchers and I certainly don't believe cell towers will always work. But the technocrats do. Amazingly, they are totally befuddled by this problem and "what went wrong!" Are these folks living in a dream world? Answer: YES.

Ever notice in the movies how everything works perfectly for scientists and governmental spy agencies (CIA, NSA, etc.)? That's "movieworld." In real life these systems are down WAAAY too often. And one agency will not "database" with another. Nightmare on ELM street.

I've been using my Bulk email server for several years and around renewal time it always craps out. Because of this I was told they would use my credit card every month to avoid this in the future. Here it is, April again, and it's happened! Only this time, they tell me it is MY problem. Funny, I used their servers last week and this last Monday when sending out the Purdy Chess Chronicles. Naturally, I've made no changes in my settings... why would I putz with something that worked?

Outages are a business nightmare.

And as this stuff happens ON or NEAR a weekend (Friday), no one is available to really offer help.

So... until this gets straightened out, I am sending messages about catalogs and such from my MAIL server. Customer and friend Calvin Hori just mentioned to me he GOT my sending of a few moments ago. I really do appreciate this kind of cooperation.

So if I send you something and you have already got it, it means your name is on two different (or more) lists. When the Bulk Email program is working again, it deletes duplicates (same email address)... thus if you get something from me more than once, it is also possible I have two different email addresses from you.

In the meantime, I am attempting to keep my business viable. If you need help or have questions, just contact:

You can also request the newest catalog supplement. It IS ready.


Friday, April 22, 2011


"The mail was just delivered and the new Lasker book (#6) has arrived. I just wanted to let you know that I think it's beautifully done. I haven’t read it yet but just the quality and presentation are wonderful.

Thank you for the work you put into shows immediately. Congratulations."

Ira Schoenwald

I can't add anything to this!


Am having problems with my Bulk Mail Program and Email program today so I will be sending some out manually.

If you don't get one, for whaever reason, pleas request.


Thursday, April 21, 2011


Thinkers' Press, inc. has instituted SCORE and it is explained in the 12 page (or so) brochure (which also sells some things) which will be emailed to customers and some potential customers either tonight or tomorrow.

IM Andrew Martin and FM Charlie Storey will be on board and I am hoping to get a GM to help part-time too.

Back to work.

But you can always contact me at:

PS: The 12-pager will also have MORE details on the Red Wing Chess Event.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yesterday I was informed of another attendee at the Chess Soiree at the end of July (29-30)--coming from Tennessee, originally from Florida. A very interesting history. One thing I would enjoy attendees doing is to send me a brief C.V. (life resume) if they are coming. WHY? Because it is amazing how "in common" we people are. If I share with someone a background in mathematics, magic, or typography, for example, I often run into others of a similar strain and sometimes lifelong friendships develop. While one "might" think the world can be very "secretive," I have discovered that one can develop "secretive" friendships too--commonality matters. At these events I see old friends, make new ones, and I have registered guests OFTEN tell me they met so and so and he is a "cool guy" and it would never have happened if they hadn't come together. This "party" is meant to be "intimate" and not a huge crowd--I can run other events for that. I do recommend you get your Country Inn reservations in too, maybe even before contacting me, if you want the $100/nite rate. (651-388-9000, The Chess Group). A block of 20 has been saved for us. If we get less than that, the room rate goes to $119.95.

Am still working on an encompassing brochure to get YOU to come. As to reasons why you can't make it: I am sorry you can't. Another friend, a master sergeant buddy, who was also a drill instructor, told me that in his job, "one excuse was as good as any other," and of course, that's right. The other day I was 5 minutes late meeting someone, and I am rarely ever late. I gave up a stupid excuse, "Traffic." While it was true, everyone was out on the road that day, I should have started sooner, as I usually do. I apologized to her, she forgave me, still, she was gracious while I was "late." I deserved a half hour of "jail time."

A new supplemental chess catalog, for May? I am working on one. How is it different from anything Amazon or anyone else does? Simple. Yes, simple: I give you real information. But I have added a new twist to show you I have really looked through the item: I give you the author's sense of what he is writing. For example, in Gary Lane's newest (Prepare to Attack), and in my opinion, best book, he writes a little about HOW opening choices are made. The Sicilian Dragon is often chosen by juniors because it has a "cool name." He himself came to learn the Advance French when he was younger because he looked for the "shortest" line of the French Defense in the day when MCO (Modern Chess Openings) was recommended. Often it is as simple as that! He said he still plays it from time to time. And in that same book he shows a game where he, as White, is on the receiving end of the Latvian Gambit (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 f5) which he refers to as a Reversed King's Gambit. The game is a very tense struggle (2006), but after 19-20 moves Black is all tied up and resigns with his kingside pieces still in their places on the backrow, and the black K being bound and gagged on the queenside at a7!!

As I mention on my new products page, THIS current crop of Everyman Chess books is the best I have seen since the Kasparov series. I am sure we have GM John Emms to thank for this.

The catalog PDF is FREE upon request. I just need your full name and email address. It won't be ready for a few days.

Lastly, yesterday I mailed out the sixth issue of Lasker and His Contemporaries #6 in a crush proof stay-flat mailer. And all single copies went out First Class mail. This is just another enhancement of services from Thinkers' Press and G&L CHESS. Hope you who ordered it get yours soon. Copies are now available for $34.95 + $4.00 for S&H. 72 pages, letter size, printed. Slick cover. Lots of topics.

Tell your friends, if you have any (an old joke), about this Blog if you don't mind.

Contact: -- serving chess enthusiasts worldwide.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Now that #2 of Purdy's Chess Chronicles has been released to subscribers, I admit, I can't wait to begin starting on #3! Here's how it works:

When reproofing the contents and looking up pages invariably one stumbles across other articles, photos, concepts... and I did this last night. Wow, the Bled 1931 tournament, a playoff match with Goldstein of 6 games, 4 reported on, and lots of little anecdotes, stories on Alekhine, Lasker and such. In fact, one or two stories will end up in Lasker & His Contemporaries #7 such as an interview with Lasker.

Is this how it's done with other publishers? I doubt it. I think the $$$ laden sit down with an organization chart, partition stuff out to the "right" people, set up the calendars, haul their laptops around, have meetings, get advertising, and somewhere down the road, put something together. I don't know what their lead time is... but that is for ONE project.

At Thinkers' Press it is one person, and one library, but having internet services where I can connect with others. Then I look at which wheels need the most greasing. Lastly I begin looking through documents which have been saved or are piled in a certain area and go through them.

When I have some idea, maybe from previous work, how much time will be needed to flesh out the next one... I get to work. Sometimes from a sketchy clipboard outline. During all that flossing I pack orders, make up new flyers and catalogs.

All this keeps me pretty busy and keeps vacations from happening.

I should be working more on the web site and a new catalog. The catalog can wait a little bit because very few people order from them. The main object of getting a catalog is to GET a new catalog, look through it and query, "I wonder when they will release their next one... I didn't find much of interest here." In general that is because that person is not committed to anything except being a dilettante. Your hear these conversations at Borders and elsewhere when people talk about cars, science fiction, women, their job, and so on. Lots of talk. The one I used to HEAR most, in person, to me, was: "I want to write a children's book!" One person actually told me that they did!

C.J.S. Purdy was committed. He read, he played, he wrote, he published. Seems like a good model to follow to me.

For any further info, contact:

Monday, April 18, 2011


In 1998 I had arranged, along with Prof. Ralph Tykodi, to have John Purdy (son of Cecil, or CJS) Purdy, and Frank Hutchings, son-in-law of CJS, to come to the United States for the First Chess Festival. It was a blast.

That evening, or the next day, we went to Harold's on the Rock, a steakhouse of known exotic tastes. They listed ostrich on the menu and one of those fellows ordered it! They had never tasted ostrich before!
There were more surprises for myself and them. When they landed the first thing they wanted to do was get a close-up look at the Mississippi River (which they flew over) and the Rock Island Lines railroad. So I took them to the "station" which has since been converted to a Visitor's Center and restaurant (I think).

Then I took them to my offices. During that visit I said I wanted to show them something. I was a tad nervous about this since I didn't know their idiosyncrasies, but I chanced it and showed them a picture of Dad and Father-in-Law, according to the Mod Squad-Times newspaper. John and Frank howled with glee! Then they started telling me stories of "Dad" and his attempts at finding a wig to cover his lack of hair. According to them, NONE of his choices were good and the rendition that Rob Long (my son) chose, might've been the most appropriate! We had some great laughs.

In the meantime, Purdy's Chess Chronicles #2 is completed. I am proofing it now and it should be available later this afternoon.

If you are interested in reading the comments of Purdy, his henchmen (Steiner, Goldstein, etc.) you really should subscribe to all four issues for 2011. Each runs about 45-50 pages. With the first issue you will also get the Bonus Index, and the Bonus Interview with Alekhine, which has some hilarious moments in it.

In issue #2 you will see that the Koshnitsky-Purdy match has been unearthed, the one played in 1937, not an earlier training match: 14 annotated games. Also Part II of his opening article on the soundness of the French, how the Queen is over-rated, a story by the roving chess reporter Chielamangus, and the various "disguises" of Cecil Purdy (along with other bits).

Easily worth the $69.95 I am asking for approximately 180 letter sized pages of material you most likely haven't seen anywhere else because they are taken from the pages of Purdy's earliest publication, the Australasian Chess Review.

I am so sure that you will love it that I offer a money back guarantee. I need your email address to download the PDF directly to you. I take PayPal, credit cards except American Express), cash, checks, money orders. If you need to know how to pay, call me at 563-271-6657.

Once again, you can contact me (Bob Long) at:

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Right on time (Friday at 5 p.m.)

I think it looks excellent. A few fotos from early turn of the century could be better and they might be the next time. Often they are unpredictable when looking at a computer monitor.
But it is clean, clear, sharp, and readable.

It will still be $25.00 + $3.50 for shipping by tomorrow night. After that, the price increases $10.
My printer wastes ZERO time in sending me the bill!

I will have what are called STAY FLAT envelopes for shipping these out on Tuesday (I won't get them until 5 p.m. on Monday, almost last on the UPS route). Bulk copies will probably go out tomorrow morning those who want 5-10 copies.

I now need to finish up Purdy #2.
Special offer on that ends tomorrow too. Save $10.

Think you will have fun with Lasker #6? Yes.


Friday, April 15, 2011


Already 3 of the 4 who have paid for the Red Wing event have told me they have booked or soon will be booking rooms to sleep in.

I just got a notice from the Inn this afternoon that only 28 rooms are left. We have blocked out 20 and 3-4 are already taken. So if we have more than 20, people run the risk of no rooms at the Inn... and I would hate that. I urge contacting them now. If something comes up, you can cancel later, but, they can't make NEW rooms available.

I have run a bunch of events in 30 years BESIDES chess. I used to have Magic events too and they were very successful. I have booked tournaments and they tended to do well too. A friend and I are talking about creating an event planner web site and book--all the stuff needed for a successful one. And, having stayed in a kabillion (as she describes big numbers) motels and hotels, I know how good of an idea it is to get a reservation in EARLY plus, ONE MORE THING: contact them a month later to make sure there has been NO flub.

It happens. I remember having a hotel deal in Chicago (at the Essex?). Normally $98, or something like that, and we had a $68 weekend special. When we got there they said, "I'm sorry, I can find no reservation for you Mr. Long." I looked this lying s.o.s. in the eye and said, "I am not leaving this counter window until you you do find it." For some reason, known only to God and him, he was "looking in the wrong file." He found it, and everything was FINE. Course I wouldn't dream of staying there again. My guess is that some Bigger event had come along and they could make $30 more by throwing me out on my butt.

I am not thinking or saying that Country Inn & Suites would do that, they aren't in Chicago. But... it's business AND why take a chance? No good reason. The $100 a nite rooms? I would snap them up. I got their new rates and they start at $128.95. Also, you can catch AMTRAK to Red Wing. For some that would be perfect.

And if you register early you can save money and if you have a Gold Card you can save more money.

NOTE: I am an idiot sometimes about certain things. I have been known to register for hotels and motels at the last minute simply because I have TOO much on my plate. I once had to sleep in my car--every hotel, inn, motel, for 30 miles was booked to the gills. Even a wedding couple had to sleep in a pasture (I hope not!). No joke. Cars are really uncomfortable. Don't be like me about this. I hope to call them this weekend, and I expect to stay an extra nite. I have heard some others say they may get there early too.

Contact me at:

PS: I am expecting Lasker #6 this Monday. I have also ordered special mailing containers for them too!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


1. The Chess Reports #126 will go out this afternoon--once the laborious proofing is done. It looks to be 23 pages with an extensive 2 page ad for chess history books--lots of details. One of my favorite books was Soltis' Soviet Chess. Extraordinary. Botvinnik's paranoia was off the charts.

2. Four have already paid for the trip to Red Wing, MN this July 29-30. I am encouraged this will be a great event. I hope you blog readers will consider it. The past couple weeks have had information on it and I will have a more detailed listing soon.

3. When things go wrong! I just checked my contact list and one of my favorite customers has gone missing! Don't know if it is the software or me. I may have deleted the wrong card, and in that case, it deletes everything connected with that gentleman. HENCE, if you suspect you aren't getting the catalogs or lists you used to get from me, let me know. I will fix this right away. It would be valuable if such contact lists kept track of the times you have received or sent emails from someone, and query with: "Hey Jack, are you sure you want to erase this dude?"

4. I've gotten positive comments from my use of Stevette in my recent ads including one from a good friend, STEVE Lamansky. Gee, what a coincidence!

5. Lasker & His Contemporaries #6 should be here soon. Make sure you have let me know you want one. $25 + $3.50 for mailing. Special rate is up this weekend. Then it's $34.95 + $3.50.

JUST a THOUGHT: Have you noticed in chess books these days, even Gambit, the "word" OK? Of course we know the word is "okay," but even the Russians are doing it. Two capital letters together, what kind of word is that (excluding, perhaps, a proper name)?

Okay now, back to work.

I am getting some more pictures up on Facebook of book and project covers. It's under Thinkers' Press, inc. maybe you will want to link into it.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Working for free, and mostly vacuuming, I asked "Stevette" (yes, I am sure, somewhere in the world, someone DOES have this name--which, believe me, is amazing!) to prepare some special offers and recap the ones already in place, because, during the month of APRIL, cash flow sucks. That means using credit cards, which is already bad enough.

I am trying to figure out WHERE this economy is improving! Does anyone know?

In the meantime, a few days ago I sent out a hefty 10 page PDF to those on my email lists and it contained, in essence, the Thinkers' Press, inc. catalog--full of pictures, and words. We call this, "attempting to jump start the orders."

Nothing much happened, so Stevette added a front page today and took away another page. So, it is still 10 pages, but hopefully the front page will get your heart palpitating and your hand reaching for your wallet. When I was in the "magic" business (mostly closeup) in the 80s, we demoed and we sold. We hated having people waste their time coming in to see, NOTHING! So we were always buying and selling. We had regulars and irregulars.

Well, it is like that to some degree in the chess business too, but demoing a book isn't so easy. Maybe a position from a book, but that's about it!

So Stevette, who is clammoring for a job at Thinkers' Press, inc., put together some highlights and sweetened the pot to get the Blog Readers anxious enough to READ further and find out that I have been working on a Sales List of Previously Owned Merchandise, or collectibles, used stuff... or as they called it in the old days, "Second Hand." That doesn't mean it is shoddy though, does it?

A new list, new shelving arrangements, completer descriptions, and little extras. Someone asked me about the value of some non-chess stuff the other day. The books were bound in leather, first editions, in a series, and OLD... like in the 1880s. $10 a volume!!! Crap value wise--old does not mean valuable. Chess books are pretty much like that too for used copies.

Someone tried to sell me some of his collection the other day and while there were a couple "nice" items in it, most of it was junk which could be bought off the 'net' for two bits (if you know the right people). Stuff like Informants, ECOs, and things like that are $5 or LESS! If you need some to fill holes, keep searching because anything more than that is fraud. There are thousands of these items out there--and they aren't moving. Hence, what I am purveying on these lists is the kind of jazz you seldom see on eBay, Amazon, Abe, etc. Foreign stuff which to order from Germany is a big pain in the rear in many cases. (Exchange rate, shipping, customs, language).

She tied this new list to purchasing items from the TPi catalog which is going out right now. That is, if you buy from this new catalog, anything amounting to $35 or more (that's not hard to do these days), you will get the LIST first. Then a week later, after the "vultures," (er... collectors) have gone through it, the lists will be released to others.

To get you all kinds of interested, and wondering where your matches are, I am putting up a picture of Stevette, the babette, on the post for today. She is vacuuming. When business picks up, she can put that "Hoover" away, come over and sit on my lap, and sort the mail.


Monday, April 11, 2011


When my printer releases a title such as Lasker #6 that doesn't mean it will be on the truck that afternoon.

However, I have "hope" (which is a poor substitute for strategy) that they will be here this Friday or next Monday or Tuesday. I got the word of their "release" today.

Lots of articles, photos, explanatory essays, and some scarce stuff such as a complete listing and explanation of Lasker's "mathematical papers" by master Nathan Divinsky, himself a mathematician in Canada. In fact, Divinsky will be featured in Chess EXTRAS #6, which will probably be out later this year. I am working on that issue as I go along; it's the fastest way.

My publishing schedule has ramped up, but as some can tell, the event in Minnesota is quite a bit on my mind at the moment. Today someone in Spokane WA evinced interest. It's one of those things where iy is important to get people to get out of the woodwork, look around, and then say, "Yeah, that sounds like fun!" I wanted to call it a Quiet Riot, but that name was taken in the music world.

Also, my first negative review of a ChessBase DVD appeared today in what I am putting together for The Chess Reports #126, due out this Friday. Andrew Martin's articles is also here and if you have ever been bugged by weird openings, or play them yourself, there is "stuff" on the SNIPER, also known years ago as the Pterodactyl. In this case it is only the name which is weird, not the moves. However, there is a game between Ian Rogers and Gruenfeld which Bill Lombardy called the Saragossa Opening (1.c3)

Once again, something for everyone including a dissected BEST move or "What are those Double Exclams for?" A subscription can be had for Semester 10, one week only, for $45 instead of the usual $69.95. 10 fat issues, in color, PDF and emailed to you. Deadline, this Saturday (April 16th).

That's all for now, you can contact me at:

Saturday, April 9, 2011


In Oct. 2010 the Last Chess Clinic was held at a great hotel, the Clarion, in which overniters were charged only $74/nite. These days, that IS an amazing bargain.

In Red Wing, MN, where the next event will take place, the Chess Soiree, we will stay over nite at Country Inn & Suites for $100/nite!! Yes, the tourist season IS busy in MN (try going inside to Cabella's and see just how busy IT is!). But, when I originally contacted Erin it was $119.95 per nite. She's such a sweetie we were able to get the rooms at $100.00, another bargain these days especially at that time of the year.

The have a number of King-size and Queen-size beds set aside for the CHESS GROUP. That's what we are being called, to keep it simple. Call the front desk at 651-388-9000 and ask for the Chess Group rates for July 29, and July 30. I hope you will stay there, it makes it easier on everyone including yourself. Our meeting area will be convenient and we will be close to everything else. By setting aside a room block of 20 (maybe more) we will get that rate. So I urge you to call today, or this coming week.

And, I NEED to do that myself! (I am notorious about last minute lodging. Once I slept overnight in my car. I'm telling you, that was NOT interesting! There were mosquitoes outside, the size of B52s, trying to get in!)

That CHESS GROUP number again is: 651-388-9000.


Friday, April 8, 2011


Steve Lamansky is signing up for the Chess Soiree in Late July. Steve has been at almost everything Thinkers' Press inc. has done. He even came to celebrate at the one in July in Savannah GA, though I had to cancel the Clinic and move it a month later. Still, he and Ron Nurmi came to Savannah and we went out to dinner and had a great time while walking through downtown Savannah on the waterfront.

Why would anyone do this? Because they like the Mental Lift, the Time Out, being with Great people. Yes, they are supporters of Chessco, Thinkers' Press, and G&L CHESS, but they don't have to come. They come because it's enjoyable, fraternal and a learning experience. This soiree (meaning a party for the invited) has some new ideas and GM Alex Yermolinsky for the celebrated guest.

We also have a newcomer to our "parties," from Minnesota. A long time customer he wants to be in on the fun before moving elsewhere (out of the country).

A couple nites ago I issued an invitation to 96 people who have been supporters of these things. I asked those who got one to get in touch with me to come to another. Next week, or later, I will ask others who might like a chance at a unique chess experience (notice I did not say "most unique" which when you ponder is gilding the lily. It's unique or it isn't. BTW, who would want to gild a lily?)

This invite is also open to those who read this Blog. If you are out of the country, come like Ken MacDonald did last year (a dyed in the wool Canadian) or Martin Stafford, all the way from New Zealand. Statewise we've had people come from California, Texas, Florida, New York, Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin, Oregon and the states in between... so "you CAN make it." Sometimes I think some chess players are terrified of having a good time about a game that is supposed to be serious... well, I don't think of chess as serious at all except that it can be seriously FUN!

Am working on a Thinkers' Press catalog to send out to everyone whose email address I have, this weekend. If you don't want to be missed, write me at:

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's been a busy day!

Four people are either seriously interested or have already put money down for the event in Red Wing--woo hoo! Some have even suggested they will arrive early.

My New Zealand friend, Martin Stafford, said he wished he could think of an "excuse" to get to the USA this summer. Last year he showed at our Chess Clinic in October since he was on Agri business here in Florida.

Dale Suilmann wrote today and said:
"I have good memories of Alex's presentations at Jumers Castle Lodge years ago.My impression then was that he had a terrific ability to convey his thoughts about chess positions -- great insight and very instructive. I can almost see one of the positions in my head now where Alex explained why a queen exchange was so favorable for one of the players (he hadn't seen the position before), and then the presenter (Khmelnitsky maybe?) proceeded to confirm Alex's evaluation as he presented the next few moves of the game."

Hope you give me a SHOUT at:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


1. I am uploading PDFs tonight of The Chess Reports, Chess EXTRAS as well as other PDFs to my Web Site (still unannounced until all of this is done). I will also be loading pictures of other things I sell. It will probably take me 2 months however to complete.

2. I have the agreements, contracts, etc. ready to go for the Red Wing Chess Event. My web guy has already told me he has been to Red Wing twice and it will be a great location. I know the price, the hotel details, what you will need, what is included, etc. I will announce more details this Saturday along with the program. The cost, if you need to know now is $189.00 and will include a copy of a book we will be using at the two day event. You will be shipped the book in advance to look over. There will be plenty of other things too. If you already have the book, you will be given a credit.

3. Two have ALREADY signed up!! Yippee.

4. It will be called the Chess Soiree 2011. Look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible!

Please contact:

Monday, April 4, 2011


Have not been on here for a couple days but there are some great things in the planning. Readers of The Chess Reports will find out soon and be the first to know and experience.

I am working on another book for David Rudel and while I can't tell you what it is, be blown away by the cover AND the contents!

A special emailing will go out tonight--I hope you read it and act right away to save BIG BUX! And my Bulk emailer in Mass. has sent me info on a completely new and better (yeah) interface which I am hoping will make my job easier.

Lasker & His Contemporaries #6 finally did go to the printer on Saturday. I am glad I did wait a couple days (always those last minute look overs) because something important came in Saturday's mail.

Most of the work has been completed for Alekhine the Executioner. I will be adding a few more games as I didn't annotate as deeply as I had on Lasker and Blackburne because the moves OFTEN were obvious BUT the Execution (the diagram at point of impact!) was not!

So as you can see, it's been busy here. If I could just be busy packing orders that would be even better! Hope to get a mini-Catalog out this week!

Contact me at:

Friday, April 1, 2011


It's official! We know where the Chess Summer Event will be and I hope you call them today! I blocked TWENTY ROOMS for us.
Where this will be, in Red Wing, Minnesota, is a lovely place and hopefully a perfect place. I spent days and lots of hours checking these various places out (maybe a couple dozen), so here is what I know and have found out:

1. Country Inn & Suites -- Red Wing, MN 55066
4275 Highway 61 West.

2. The DIRECT Telephone # to Register for the CHESS GROUP is: 651-388-9000. They should have us set up soon. If the person at the desk doesn't know what you are talking about, have them confer with "Erin" (in charge of group sales).

3. Room Rate for that time of the year is $119.90 for July 29 and July 30, each night. If you come a day early, like I plan to do, that is, July 28th, it is $109.90. IF we get 20 or more people (soon) they will discount the rates another $10.00 (keep that in mind). Remember, what you see on the web MIGHT be $30 cheaper (or look cheaper), but that doesn't include the premium for the Summer months. I would like everyone to be in the same Hotel (nope, I do not get a rebate for this). It looks to be a GREAT place and Red Wing a GREAT city!

4. The Hotel Tax rate is 9.875%.

Actually, I was quite pleased with the prices for our stay because in the Summer months in Minnesota they go up to about $180 (or more) per nite the farther North you go--and what I asked for were the weekend rates. I know some of you were quite anxious about dates and places so THAT is now ready to go. If you want to see the amenities and all that goes with the Country Inn, go to:

As I said the other day, I don't have the Registration Fee for this 2 day event figured out yet nor contracts dealt with, so I should know that in a couple days. I think it will be $175.00 and $150.00 if you have a Gold Card 2011... but I have to check with some people.

I will also give you the intended program, hours, and tell you something about Red Wing--which is quaint, exciting, a great place where everyone is welcome... take a couple days off and take a LOAD off and spend it with me (Bob Long), Alex Yermolinsky, and OUR friends. If you want to do more, come a day early (some people often do this to acclimatize).

Do me a little favor IF you would. Please email me that you have reserved a room, and tell me how soon you want to register with me (that would be: What I am LOOKING for, to be honest, are great people and those who want to register early. If you don't have a GOLD CARD but register early there will be a registration discount. This meeting area only has room for 30 people (we had 38 at the Last Chess Clinic) + a sales area. I never kid about space or early registration. I know some people got a kick out of all the different brochures I sent out last year (ELEVEN!!) to entice them to come, but it was pretty draining in terms of time. And after the 7th sending, it produced no NEW results.

Like I said about the programme... there will be impromptu sessions, but also some FIXED events.

Chess in Minnesota is fanatical. There are players from all over this HUGE state. I have sold MANY times in Minneapolis/St. Paul and a lot of people up there know me. So EXPECT Minnesotans to be at the Red Wing Soiree. To guarantee your SEAT, please register EARLY!

Take me seriously... Lots of people in Minnesota will jump at this. I remember what Andy Ansel said to me last year at the Last Chess Clinic (he came from NYC): "I thought I would have an OK time, but it turned out to be Fantastic!"

Looking forward to seeing you... now I can get some other PLANNING done!