Friday, December 24, 2010


It won't happen, I've done the math. You've noticed I am not on here EVERY day. If I missed two days in a row (Sunday doesn't count) some might think I have given up--that's not me. So there never was a goal of 300 in one year (even though I didn't start until several months into 2010, I think).

So what has happened?
1) Christmas Eve. I always loved that day, Dec. 24th--more than Dec. 25th. But I still haven't wrapped presents or tucked gift cards inside an envelope (seems like no more free envelopes). So that's what I will be doing this afternoon before heading over to my daughters and parking in some God-forsaken place so I won't get stuck and then trekking to the dinner and party.

2) I spent time with my web master last night. Basically, the new web site looks good. We are shooting for end of January. But I know how that stuff goes. I also have a little research to do here and then "fix up" product dimensions and weights. We are talking a slowdown at that point. Measuring 400 items or so!?!?! Give me a break. Video will come later. The Retail portion will be ready to go before Wholesale. For those who love to browse web sites you should be in hog heaven.

3) The Chess Reports #119 is out. Yippee! I do my proofreading everywhere I am, always something seems to slip through.

4) Nostalgia: I am going to go through 119 issues of The Chess Reports to create a big research book on books and dvds for the past 4 years. Did the first two year's last night after spending a while trying to find ALL the right files. I was humbled by those early years. I shouldn't feel that my latest efforts are better (just larger?) than the older, earliest ones. There was a lot of good stuff in those issues. Really. All those older Chess Reports will also be offered as downloads from the new web site. Different kinds of graphics, many provided by Rob--some cool stuff as well as some great Definitions (such as Expert...). The lengthy articles on the Stonewall were good reading too. I believe even GM Karsten Mueller commented favorably on them. The content IS a virtual secret not shared in other books or magazines that I am aware of.

So... 2010 has been a busy year and we still have a week to go. At the moment I am thinking about the future: Las Vegas, other books, new and more effective marketing techniques. I look forward to a great website to take away some of the heavy lifting when it comes to shipping and packing. And I am looking at doing more writing, finishing up the Critical Secret Workbook, etc.

Hope the weekend is great for all of you. Enjoy the look, the snow, your family (if you can). Hope to hear from EVERYONE very soon!

Bob "Chess Bookman" Long (for those who remember the "old" Chess Gazettes)

PS: Taking tomorrow and Sunday off from Blog writing.

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  1. Merry Christmas, Bob! Hope the New Year is healthy and prosperous.