Thursday, December 2, 2010


My friend F.M. brought up a great idea today which I have thought of in the past, but not for my $99.95 Special! (By the way, thank you.)

He said, "Bob, even though I have most of it, too good a deal, I will use it as presents to a few friends. Will PayPal Friday. Thx, Franco. Choose Semester 8."

Hitting myself up the side of the head I thought, "Why didn't I think of that?" Probably because, if I had thought of that, it would sound like another ploy for selling something!

Well of course it is, I am in the marketing and sales business, that's what I do--but when it comes from a customer, ah then, it is even MORE real!

This was brought home to me last night when I was reading something (absolutely true) before I got FM's email. There was a guy running an auto repair business, or maybe a body shop business, and he recalled this one customer, let's call him, Ed, who never got upsold, never wanted anything else, all he wanted was the bare minimum for his car, and that's all he got (5 years worth of this!). But this time, while in the waiting room, he saw a binder and went to look at it and found it was full of testimonials from customers of this auto shop. The light bulb went on!! From then on, Ed, bought extra services, etc. because he saw that so many others were pleased, he knew that the shop could be trusted to deliver.

Sounds whacky doesn't it until you think about it. Aren't at times, many of us like that? I have seen around my office, a big folder of testimonials Rita got about my business when she worked for me. It would probably fill a 50-page book, maybe even more pages than that. I am now giving some thought to creating such a book and sending it out to everyone. These would be words from my clients (you) and not me.

I am conducting an "m&m" campaign for all those who order from me during the month of December. No, this is not owned by Mars candy company, but it does stand for McFarland & Mongoose publications! This is a special sale which will not be advertised anywhere else! To get this sales' list, I have to get an order of some kind from you, even one of the $99.95 orders qualifies. Then you will get an M&M flyer! And remember, these flyers don't melt in your hands but they "might" attack your wallet.

So stay inside if you get hit by a pile of snow (our turn is tomorrow) and send in an order and I will include the M&M flyer. Those who read this Blog post will know about it first. I was induced to create the flyer the other day and then I was re-reminded today when I got a NEW book from McFarland: James Mason in America, The Early Chess Career, 1867-1878 by Joost van Winsen. It's a $50 hardbound and absolutely beautiful. I will probably sell a bunch of them (many more than I ordered!) One reason is not just the history and very interesting games, the usual beautiful typography (which as you know by now I highly endorse), but the other is that outside of players in America like Steinitz, and Zukertort, MANY people think that Mason was the third strongest player, probably rated around 2700 IF there was a rating system in those days. That's impressive to me. Means his annotations can be reliable (as shown in issue #4 of The Chess EXTRAS, this did NOT include if he had been drinking!) By the way, Chess EXTRAS is $65. Four issues have been released. The next two will be in 2011.

Get your orders in, resubscriptions to The Chess Reports, getting a Gold card, whatever, and I will send you the M&M list and THIS book on Mason will be mentioned in it. Also a couple other surprises. Christmastime is the surprise time isn't it? Well... surprise me and you will surprise yourself! Contact:

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