Monday, December 6, 2010


This idea is still on my mind. I am looking around for a place and a date for my CHESS BOOK CAMP 2011.

What is the purpose? Well there are lots of them but I will list a few in NO particular order (this means that whatever I list first will be deemed the MOST important by a select few who i have discovered have a problem with discernment of content [main reason? They don't read the copy but instead flit from here to there]).

1. Q&A session on how to get your chess book published.

2. A GM talks about his authorship and publishing experiences.

3. A silent chess auction.

4. How to get a Book of the Year Award.

5. What's important in a chess book AND which ones are essential to quicker improvement? (This will all be confidential to THIS event.)

6. An evening out of fabulous entertainment (If this guy is still in LV at the time I am thinking of--he is absolutely hysterical even if you have no sense of humor but think you do!)

7. Possibly a simul.

8. Setting up a Study Plan (a la "The Critical Secret for Success," a book you must own or buy).

9. Probably two days, leave on third.

Maybe more, maybe less... need more time to work on it. Suggestions are welcomed. Email address is below.

None of these ideas, at this time, are guaranteed. Completely different from the Chess Clinic of which the one in October was the Last One (I still know a few people who don't believe this. No doubt conspiracy theorists.)

I also have an idea for bringing another person in to extend, and amplify, the Camp. Nothing is set in stone yet. The event will probably be $250, with a discount for early registration or owning a Gold Card. At this time I am still trying to work out a Membership in "Gold SQUARES" which would include owning a Gold Card, no details yet.

The problem isn't the concept or even having ideas of what something like that and what it would include, the problem is putting together something great, exciting, fun, and rewarding that won't be picked apart by that always present element of "wannabes" who like the "idea" but only on their terms, dates, etc. Fortunately, over the years I haven't be very plagued by them because I go out of my way to have them weed themselves out beforehand. Remember that New Testament line, "Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen."

Funny thing, more and more marketers have come around to MY way of thinking in just the past year or two. It used to be that you could find books or tapes or CDs, etc. with the idea that one could sell even to the sales resistant or the person who is a total pain in the butt. Now these geniuses are starting to come around to my years long thinking that "Who wants to make money off someone who will cause more problems than their couple hundred dollars are worth?" Personally, time wasted is time lost.

But here is the crux of my philosophy: the reason we have fun at these festivals, clinics, and camps is because I do not solicit everyone! There ARE people I leave off of the mailings because previous "experience" has shown they would drive me crazy (I am not going into the details because that alone drives me crazy).

I have already received some interesting comments. One fellow who was at the recent clinic wants to bring his wife (no problem, she will most likely be doing something else because, chess "bores" her.) Another fellow who was also at the clinic is worried that we will be bothered by "hookers." Well, I have been to Las Vegas 4-5 times in the past 25 years and it has never happened to me. However, in my shop downtown in Davenport I would occasionally be "met" by hookers on my way to the post office or who came up to me while I was dumping trash and I know how to "politely" but firmly say no. I don't like that they feel they have to be in such an occupation to "survive," but I can't change that. For me, there is no temptation.

Let's face it reader--these Blog Posts are unique aren't they? Especially for chess aficionados.

Send your suggestions, queries etc. to the email address below. I will try to give everyone at least 4-5 months notice. I am looking at, seriously, the possibility of getting at least 70 people there to help pay for this extravaganza. Las Vegas has a very good chess population so it is quite possible. I know that $250 will be a lot to some people so I have have to keep on trucking with those who believe they can afford it (read next paragraph) and want to do it. The feedback I got on this Last Chess Clinic was fantastic.

One thing I have learned over the years and had reinforced in something I heard on a CD recently is that the problem of "I can't afford it," 95% of the time, is a LIE no matter how you slice it. Here's why. There are folks out there with multiple loans, multiple credit cards, flat screen TVs the size of a football field, all kinds of animals, etc. but they can't even afford to "go to a movie" that costs $9.00.

One marketer I know was asked by a startup if he could give them a great program to market their business, get it off on the right track, etc. but be careful with the cost. The marketer broke his own rule of saying "No" to their request because they were long-time customers (that's why he decided to listen to their tale of woes). So even though he kept the price the same for what they were looking for, he stretched out the payments, added a royalty program (where he would get a percentage of profits of success), etc. It came to about $15,000. (Reasonable for what this guy charges.) Later, near launch time, the owner of that new startup explained there would be some delays because they were still waiting for their Logo ($15,000) and some other promotional work ($25,000). My marketing friend was aghast! One, no one needs a $15,000 logo or even a logo at all if they are short of funds. The $25,000 additional program was unnecessary since the work to get the business up and rolling was already included in the $15,000 consultation job. So the startup guy poor-mouthed about his financial woes, and yet he could spend $40,000 on crap that would make no difference to the success of his business! (He had been reading some ridiculous book written by an author who didn't really know what he was writing about.) THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! ("I can't afford your marketing plan of $2,500." But next week you will see this guy driving a new car. Which, in the long run, will be the most important to his future success?)

It will be my job to excite you to come to Las Vegas. And you know there will be those who come for other reasons too and will use CHESS as their excuse for coming. I've been to Las Vegas shows and every one I saw was incredible. The architecture was incredible. The fun lasts all evening, cheap breakfasts, buffets you can't believe, amazing hospitality. Yes, I've played in chess tournaments in Las Vegas too. It's all just one heckuva good time... and, I am sure there will be some overlap with some other chess event somewhere on this planet! So what? A National Open is held every year. A US Open is held every year. When I go annual/bi-annual I do something different each time--how else will you be convinced?

All I can say is, here is my email address--drop me a line.

PS: Just got in the 4th edition of Silman's How to Reassess Your Chess. G&L price is $$25.95. Gold Card price is $22.95. Big book, please add $4.00 for S&H.

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