Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Recently, very recently, I had an experience that would have exasperated Wild Bill Hickock. The main difference between the two of us is that I would like to think that "ole' Bill" would have shot the "evildoer."

I get, from time to time, proposals from "authors" for me to do their "fabulous" book. Funny thing though--the best books usually are somewhat understated while the "fabulous" books, the Big Moneymakers, the monster sellers, are usually full of clueless ideas, none of which resemble the publishing business (or any other).

Some think they will have the next HIT. Well, it could happen if the senders had lots of relatives willing to spend their cash on something they know nothing about and, neither does the author. Let's say that with all the progeny left over from Noah, if they each bought a book, and are still alive, it COULD happen!

So I have decided to put a column into The Chess Reports once a month to detail some of the really crazy ones. When they are really over the top, "how can I tell?" Easy. They begin insulting me as "not getting it." Think I am kidding? The last one said I would make all my money back after the first 200,000 sold even if I only got paid a $1.00 per book!

See you in the magazine, The Chess Reports. That's $69.95 for the next ten issues. That's less than the cost of a handwritten letter from the funny writer Robert Benchley. About $7/copy, less than the $10 I spent last night on "Esquire's" BIG BLACK BOOK, a fat style magazine I picked up for some design ideas for future publications such as Chess EXTRAS also working on #5). A subscription to "extras" is $65 for 6 issues.

If you like Tall Tales you will get them beginning with issue #119 of The Chess Reports. Here's the weird part: I'm not making any of this stuff up!


PS: Hope to publish a little info on new books recently received in tomorrow's Blog. It's ALL happening right here at the OK CHESS CORRAL.

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