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In 2004 Thinkers' Press (me) published IM Andrew Martin's The Essential Center Counter. It was about 140 pages and steered purchasers through the complex sea of openings choices into an area where knowing some setups (far fewer in nature than say, the Sicilian or French Defense) could get one going right away. Yes, there were dangers, but Martin handled them as he usually does, with plenty of games to steer around the rocky shoals.

That was 6 years ago and since then White has been concentrating more firepower on 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 3.Nc3 Qa5. More games, even more higher level contests, and lots of games at the "mere" 2200 and above levels!

It has gotten a little more tricky but Martin has shown that players such as Tiviakov and Nakamura can be death to White. Along the way, lesser lights have been showing the same thing. And while most of Martin's 2004 suggestions still work, refinements have been made and some new suggestions offered, for instance, to be even more aggressive. Martin said he was "suspicious of a line or two" and so he has offered good to better alternatives.

The past few days I've been working on a 15 game DVD with video notes as only Martin can do them, and for more than 20 years he has done so. Last night I turned my attention to the PDF which is comprised of 18 more "main" games and 11 more unannotated games, as well as another 5 games which "appear" on the DVD.

The PDF annotations contain content in more detail than on the 2+ hour DVD, and in fact sometimes contain more "uncounted" games. What I am getting at is a great windfall of Center Counter, or Modern Scandinavian games, all collected in one place in video and written format. This method is NEW and is not merely a ChessBase file taken from a book like in the Everyman Chess series.

Having played through all the games one will note typical setups, outlandish moves, and killer strikes. Pawns are sacrificed, names are recalled (Shirov, for example as White), and systems are worked into place. What was "complex" has become MORE stable, usable, and infinitely more interesting... and "simpler."

The International Chess Master has even gone one step further--in the field of a "pre-emptive strike," or first blow. As your opponents begin to think they have you figured out, Martin unleashes some changes to the repertoire which will confound White and make him feel as if he were starting all over again in understanding you and what you play. These lines are to be played judiciously so as to not be so predictable from that standpoint too!

The PDF you will get when you buy this DVD and PDF from Thinkers' Press (me again) is extraordinary! Why? because it will contain the content of the first book too, which is now out of print. In effect, you are getting a goodly-size book WITH a DVD which allows you to brush up on the new face of the Scandinavian and get you ready for action. Needless to say, I will be trying this out myself (as I did after the original book came out).

Here comes the KILLER Bonus! If you act NOW you will get the new Center Counter DVD AND Pdf for only $29.95 !!! If you wait until 30 days from today, i.e., Jan 11th, the price will be $39.95. No ifs, ands, or, buts.

Please add $3.50 for S&H. For the next 30 days this DVD and PDF will not be offered to anyone else at the $29.95 price except to my current, former, and hopefully new customers. As you may have noticed in the past two years, due to the lackadaisical nature of most resellers when it comes to buying OUR products (instead of only selling THEIR stuff to me), we are building our own following of book and DVD customers.

To Summarize:
1. From Complex to Simpler Setup;
2. Patterned templates offered as a Repertoire;
3. From IM and Scandinavian practitioner Andrew Martin;
4. The original book + the new one in downloadable PDF form + DVD!;
5. Lots of NEW games and notes.
All for $29.95 + $3.50 for S&H in the USA (a little more outside the USA). Price good through January 11, 2011. ACT NOW! I'll be busy this holiday season just like you.

Can be paid via Visa, MC, Discover, PayPal and check.
Availability. December 27th, barring any computer hiccups.


BONUS BONUS: New Subscribers to The Chess Reports are eligible for a subscription to Semester TEN for $59.95 instead of the regular price $69.95 IF you also purchase this Center Counter DVD +PDF. If you want to know more about The Chess Reports, read Blog Posts from the past several weeks.

The illustration above is the cover from the original 2004 book. There will be a new design for the DVD.

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