Monday, December 20, 2010


What a day and it's only just starting! I've helped 3 other guys install and setup 3 big Christmas trees this morning.

I bought some food at a local grocery store and Miss Perky, who is always there in the morning, was delightful as ever (she does her shopping elsewhere because I've run into her at another store which I stop at on my way back from the post office)

I'm taking my sister to her job today because her "new" car won't start. Picking her up tonight.

Yesterday I watched and heard the choir I used to belong to perform. Excellent! Refreshments and being acquainted with old friends took place afterward.

Found slippers late last night for my sister for Christmas.

Will be getting a package or two out for customers today and down to the post office which has no small lines.

Got emails from my buddy GM Karsten Mueller helping me out with a couple matters.

And it's snowing.

Not bad. How about you?

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