Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Selling Quality Chess books is not the easiest task in the chess world. They are usually big, they are usually more expensive than the books of others (except perhaps those of TPi!!..haha), they are often written by Grandmasters, and they get pretty good reviews.

Most of my customers have not been over enthusiastic in buying these and often I have a lot of $$$ tied up in these impressive books.

But, as I keep beating the Dead Horse it gradually seems to be coming to life!

The HOT book is Alterman's Gambit Guide (KP). Next week I should have Play the Scandinavian, And while I am at it vols. 2 and 3 on the English Opening by GM Mihai Marin should be arriving too. So hang on to your hats and give 'em another chance. I am ordering more and more so that I won't run out.

If you've never tried them I can send you a copy of the Quality list of books I have, engineered by Scottish GMs Jacob Aagaard and John Shaw.

Never too late to change your mind. They are called "Quality" for a reason, a good reason.


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