Wednesday, December 29, 2010


throw a shoe!

I remember trying to sleep one night and the landlord was in the next door duplex tearing up something, at midnight. I threw a shoe at the wall, heard some plaster fall... he got up and went home.

Sometimes you have to get people's attention.

I was sending out emails to my list of friendly folks this afternoon when all of a suddent it went into a stall, retrying 300 customers. Finally, after this had ruined the pixels on my screen for 3 or 4 hours I dropped the geniuses in Massachusetts a line asking, "What's up?" Turns out they had a database error which was finally fixed. (BTW, none of these "genius" companies EVER let a user know there is a problem.) My guess? They are afraid if they say something your brain will mentally recall it the next time, start adding them up, and go somewhere else. Hey, I am more forgiving than that. Anyway, the rest are now being sent.

The Center Counter Rising DVD has been burned, printed and put into a printed wrapper and case. The PDF has been vetted and is ready to go. I was cutting wrappers all evening which is more tiring than watching parking meters expire. But, they are done. Tomorrow some of these will go out. $29.95 + $3.50 for S&H. $5 to New Zealand and Australia if sent in a "lite" bag. At end of January 2011, price goes to $39.95.

Am preparing a wholesale sales' sheet for all the lazy resellers there are out there. This is why Amazon has taken over. Everyone (almost) has capitulated. Not me. Just lay on your back donut brains and have the big A walk over and step on your cajones. When you yell "Ow," I will stick a sock in your mouth.

Too many in America have caved in. Our society may still have morals but too many are afraid to show them while the movie industry is trying to MAKE our lifestyles for us. They wouldn't know the difference between THEIR version and an alligator biting them in the ass.

BTW, has anyone seen the Bobby Fischer movie which supposedly was made and with an actor who from the pictures I saw looked nothing like Fischer? In MY life I've known several people who looked like Fischer and some even played chess. Casting sometimes is amazing aren't they? If they are only looking for an actor why not choose me? (Yes, I have acted before and was even in a movie as an FBI agent.) I can brood. I can give quick answers. I can pretend "someone" is after me. And yes, my name is spelled "Bobby Long" for purposes of those weekly checks. One of my brothers has the name James, does that count?

I was supposed to write about chess clubs today but it took a while for Google to post my blog from yesterday so I haven't done it yet. Now it may be next week.

New pic of me, with my haircut. It was getting so thick I would lose my hairbrush. What a handsome rogue. Tell your sisters to stay indoors unless you want me chasing them around the dining room table! (Fantasy land)

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  1. Well see where that got Muntadar al-Zaidi: barefoot and in jail. Actually he did not succeed with his first shoe so he then followed your advice and was off on the other foot.

    Who knew Mr. Bush was so wirery to avoid the blow? Then again he had been well trained in side-stepping the critics.