Monday, December 27, 2010


Today it appears I lost all my emails for 2010. A blessing and a curse. All that stuff I haven't acted on has now been acted on. A blessing. The curse part: I was intending to go back to October 8 and take one last look at things to take care of and now I can't. And there were some messages in the past several days, new customer requests, that I was going to take care of today, Monday. If you sent a message in the past week or so, two weeks maybe, could you resend?

More aggravating for me than you... I value the email I keep. Of course all my replies can be had, but it I the stuff that I had yet to reply to (not much) that is the berserker. Say to "backup" before you "rebuild." This time I didn't get that message.

I am working on a Special SALE for tomorrow, so it looks like my attention will certainly be undivided for that!

Will I be grumpy for the rest of the day? Doubt it. Unhappy maybe, but not the same thing.

A couple projects I have been working on are almost done.

CENTER COUNTER RISING by Andrew Martin is one of them. DVDs are burned, the PDF is completed. But I need to put graphics on the disks and a wrap for the DVD case, which I will do today. Price is $29.95 + $3.50 (USA only) until end of Jan. 2011. After that the price goes to $39.95. I've beaten my brains in on this one, so in order to recoup my investment, I need to sell 43 of them at this very reduced price. So if you haven't reserevd one, this is the time to order, perhaps along with the Special Sale list. It is an amazing piece of work--hope to tell you more about it later this week.

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