Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Personally, all the other editions of this book (TPi published the first one) pale in front of this one and that's not because of size (area, volume, number of pages) or price ($29.95) but because the content is basically totally changed (and better).

I'm heading out right now but this will be covered in more detail in issue #119 of The Chess Reports (as #118 is totally full at about 29 pages!) It's still about "imbalances" but I think in Jeremy we see a grown up, i.e., mature writing style.

Most of the blurbs on the back of the book are unnecessary, all written by friends or people whose names should remain unprounceable. The book is the main thing.

Lots of goodies. Why not, and I mean this seriously, subscribe to the Chess Reports if you don't already do so. It's $69.95, and will come from Semester 10, 10 fat issues, in color about games, reviews, and thoughts from the editor. Completely different from New in Chess or anything else. Anything else.

Or if you want to spend a little more, get the BOX, the $99.95 (+ $3 insurance) for a nearly 8 pound bundle of chess goodies. It includes a subscription to TCR and a bunch of other jazz. (See earlier issues of the chess museum blogpost.)

THEY KEEP ON SELLING. I hope for the run of SQUARES I have all the issues. I thought I did, but it's going to mean a big trip to the basement tonight to make sure. This is the best time to get a complete set. If you already own one, give to a chess friend or list on eBay (there are always geniuses on eBay who will pay $70-80 for something I was selling for less than half that!).

Went downstairs to LOOK: Couldn't find more os issue #5. I hope I have a box of them down at the old shop. Eeek. Won't know until Thursday.

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