Sunday, May 1, 2011


One of the best chess openings' analysts in the business will be joining SCORE (launches June 3rd, then every three weeks) for Thinkers' Press, inc. for at least TWO of 16 issues between June 3rd and 12 months later. I am already getting positive comments from several TCR (The Chess Reports subscribers).

The subscription price of the magazine will not go up and remains $49.95. In fact, you can get a subscription at $20 if you have NEVER had a subscription to TCR since its inception. If you have you can get in for $45 if you act soon (before end of August). If you happen to have bought a 2011 Gold Card from us you get the subscription for $39.95. If we could make it past 200 subscribers, that would be a great start. So far I have about a dozen. This magazine is $20 less than TCR and will deliver the goods to help you PLAY the openings better. If you subscribe for a Jackson ($20) you will in effect be saving a Grant ($50)! It is a great deal.

The main thrust of this chess openings' magazine is that each issue will have coverage of a major opening, and minor coverage of something either more specialized or less specific. For example, in Issue #1 FIDE Master Charlie Storey will be writing on 1.g3 and IM Andrew Martin, a longtime publishing colleague, will cover the Petroff Defense, no doubt in some specialty line.

Like Gloria Gaynor said, "I'm so excited!"

GM STOHL said he WILL use WORDS!! For those who do not know the Czech Republic GM that well, he has written for New in Chess, Gambit Books, ChessBase, and Chess Informant. His masterwerk for Gambit was Instructive Modern Chess Masterpieces and two volumes on the games of Garry Kasparov. A year ago his book (IMCM) had done so well it was expanded by a further 12 games and ran over 400 pages; a lot of work. While Stohl's expertise is often in the Queen's Pawn systems, he also knows the Sicilian Defense very well.

I urge you to subscribe today at a Bargain basement rate! $20 or $45 in most cases. Everyone tells me they have wanted to see an openings magazine that wasn't over their head and these fellows will be trying as I have told them our audience is for 1000-1600 and 1600-2200 Elo. Those in the higher ranges shouldn't sneer, if you like to do that. We all started out somewhat lower than our peak (and if you didn't what are you reading this Blog for?). And interestingly, I occasionally learn something I should have already known and I bet you have too! At any rate, give us a try. No limp wrists, half-hearteds "I will think about it," etc. You want BOLDER and current data on butt-booting, you will need this. TODAY.


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