Saturday, May 28, 2011


Have also heard from Ed Yee and Mr. X (he will be at Red Wing) about Petrosian and the "quote" I am looking for. I've had 5 people looking into Petrosian's writings with Bob Woodworth even mentioning Scheckhtman's 2 vols. This is HOW to engage readers of a Blog, give them something fun to do, especially IF they own the books in question. Petrosian evoked a great response and yet he seems to be very hard to competently write about. How many of you know that Petrosian had a book/thesis many years back where he wrote upon Logic? I got the information, and possibly even had the book, from Skakhuset Avisen in Denmark. The logic was chess logic I believe (it's been a while).

Of course it makes me wonder now if it was Petrosian. Years back I would have been certain. Now I am thinking it might have been another author in How to Open a Chess Game. But the IDEA of the quote is true. No matter which side of the board one was studying (white or black), the book lines always seemed to favor the OTHER GUY! I should call this Long's Chess Law. I have thought about writing a book called The Laws of Perversity. Lots of good things there and NONE of them pornographic.

Another book on my mind was FU IQ. It's about dumb things people do while at the same time earning a questionable IQ score. The "U" part stands for the word "UP." An example would be someone sitting on a motorcycle revving the engine to hear the exhaust pipe roar or pop. Over and over and over. This makes imbeciles look smart because they wouldn't do that. Or a guy racing from one block to another only to be suddenly stopped because of a red light. Those are just vehicular examples. The number of whacky possibilities I see every day are astounding such as people walking in the street instead of using a clear sidewalk, almost daring someone to hit them. I'm sure there are examples in the chess world too. Maybe we can report some of them here! (How about riding a bicycle at night, with no lights, and crossing a busy street. I saw this happen. The kid ran into a car, was knocked down, got up and bitched out the driver!)


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