Friday, May 20, 2011


The eight page brochure for the RED WING event in Minnesota just couldn't be finished on Friday... but will go out Saturday or late Friday night.

Some years ago I realized that when I put something together it was always better if I sat on it for a day to add those final touches. It also helps me to add just a little more creativity, make some changes and hope that it all makes sense and allows a few extra people to become excited about doing something extraordinary such as coming to RED WING.

It can be exhausting trying to outdo what you have done before. There are always some setbacks as the project moves forward. One of the goals of my clinics, festivals, and now the soiree, is to bring in NEW people. This time there is at least ONE new person, but he already lives in Minnesota! I can recall when I would hear from Florida, Maine, and even California. You would think that a close place like Chicago would jump at the chance but I have discovered that some cities are parochial and its chess citizenry seldom ventures out into the light like they did in the 70s. New Yorkers, however, will give new things a shot from time to time.

I've had several phone conversations today with people in Texas and Wisconsin. Would like to see people come from those states.

The brochure will be ready soon. 8 pages, whew!


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