Thursday, May 19, 2011


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Thanks to my friend Bobbie in Tulsa, OK for these tips to let more people KNOW what TPi does and why it exists.

On Facebook for TPi there is more info about Red Wing, but specifically, this time, photos. I have a whole page on it and pictures elsewhere in the brochure I am working on.

Besides those who "frequently fly" with Thinkers' Press and attend my events, we are looking for entrepreneurs, hobbyists, other chess players, those who want to have a great time but don't know this kind of thing exists, curiosity seekers, etc. But it will be capped at 22 for room consideration reasons. If you fly, you can go equally to airports at Rochester or Minneapolis/St. Paul. Rent a car and it's about 50 miles. The scenery is gorgeous.

There are plans for some really great workshops and I hope you sign up. It's $189 (a pittnce these days) and you can get a $15 discount if you get your registration in by May 31st. I've already heard from those who can't come, I'm looking for those who CAN (these are doers) come and will join the rest of us for intimate sessions with GM Alex Yermolinsky and myself (Bob Long). I've been rereading Yermo's book (The Road to Chess Improvement) and it is the best--truly, better than 99% of the others out there AND it is out of print (sorry). I know, some were "intending" to get it, but didn't. Life is like that. Second best thing (or maybe first best thing!), see him in person. Very gifted, very-on-the-money. You need that.

July 29-30, Red Wing, MN. Starts in the evening. Ask for my fat brochure, I will send you one.


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