Monday, May 16, 2011


Grischuk and Gelfand have gone into the finals with the FIDE clause of "Rapid Play." I am betting on Grischuk, if I were a betting man not because I don't think Gelfand is not competent enough, but Grischuk's strategy for getting to the finals has to be a little better than Gelfand's who was blowing potentially winning positions (I read this, I have not confirmed). Both of the "G's" are good players. I think Anand would annihilate Gelfand, but Grischuk has a chance.

Anyway, that's done. Kramnik's methods didn't work this time and Kamsky was a little late, as sometimes can happen. I wish he had made it in because I think he is more inscrutable than the others.

Today it's errands, writing a NEW Chess Gazette (with new masthead), and a major attempt to get things back on track since April was a full-fledged fraud.

So with that pronouncement, I will get back to work.

Well... in a minute. I just wanted to mention that G&L CHESS, though it doesn't have it's web site up yet, is encouraging people to get in touch with me by email ( which I will send them freebies and catalogs via PDF. I am even looking at the possibility of send SOME printed catalogs out to customers who buy more than 1-2 things in a once in a while blue moon. More details should be in the flyer I am putting out today or tomorrow.

Thanks. Bob

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