Monday, May 30, 2011


Hello Friends of Thinkers' Press.

SCORE issue Number 1 will be available this Friday (June 3).

That’s the first piece of good news. The second piece of good news is that you can subscribe to all sixteen issues at the Rock Bottom price of $20.00!*

Each issue will be at least 10 full size pages with at least 4 pages on the Main Opening Article and at least two pages on the Minor Opening Article. It is a chess openings’ magazine with games and theory from the 2009-2011 period. No drowning in old stuff.

There will also be WORD explanations instead of just variations. Czech Republic Grandmaster Igor Stohl, a well known theorist, will join us for at least 2 issues. The other editor will be IM Andrew Martin from England. The editor in chief will be Bob Long from Thinkers’ Press.

Each issue will be available as a PDF download from Thinkers’ Press, on the Friday of release. A schedule is published in issue one. The frequency is every three weeks except for 4 times per year when it will be 4 weeks, thus finishing at 16 times per year. Eventually it will be available for download from the web.

The first issue, the premier issue, will be 16 pages to include the list of openings we will choose from. (And I invite you to submit your choices—this improves your chances of seeing coverage of things that interest you.) The openings included this time are: 1.g3 and the Petroff Defense. The openings for issue two are: French Steinitz and Alekhine’s Defense. Issue three is already being worked on. Readers’ letters are encouraged and will be published; collaborative in some respects.

Bob Long will add Book and DVD commentary and an editorial page as well as a Sales Page. Occasionally a tactical problem.

Announcements of issues and other useful chess information may be found at my Blogpost here--and issue #1). Register and check in!

*PS: I am in hope that for only $20.00 you will subscribe to this totally new chess publication on a budget! If you are a past subscriber the price is $45.00 UNLESS you only subscribed for ONE semester – then it is $30.00. If you are a Gold Card 2011 holder and you subscribed in the past the cost is only $39.95.

Those who subscribed for the past couple semesters are entitled to Bill Campion’s INDEX to all 128 issues of The Chess Reports. While this index covers several pages now Bill told me he may tackle a much more in depth Indexing. Should he do this, it will come to you FREE.

Subscribers to Semesters 8-9-10 will also receive a CD (or 2) of all TCR Games so that you can access them using ChessBase. This will be FREE (once again) to such past subscribers.

For those who would like a complete set of PDFs of all issues of The Chess Reports, on CD (or two), a special price will be made. $199.95. This will comprise $545.00 worth of Chess Reports at the HUGE discount of 63.3%!! Limited Time Only.

Some have had questions about HOW to make payments to G&L CHESS or Thinkers’ Press. It’s easy, there are several ways. (Incidentally, these CDs won’t be released for at least a month.)
PayPal (my email payment address is:
Check or Money Order (see address above)
If you feel unsure/uncertain/unsafe about emailing the information to me you can call me at: 563-271-6657.

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend.

Bob Long

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