Sunday, May 15, 2011


Once again, all draws, all games, all rounds in the Candidates. I have to admit, at first it was exasperating and as I reflected, I realized what the problem was: No One in this Group of Four is outstanding from any of the others! I know, someone will say that they are hoping to get through to the speedier tiebreak systems, somehow hoping they will pull it out when their odds are along the lines of equal equals equal. (= = =). Well, they are that already. They are leaving their chances more likely to LUCK! They say that "luck favors those who are prepared." That's why I expect no luck--they are all prepared. It may as well be blind chance the "whatever" experience.

None of these guys are a Fischer, a Kasparov, nor even an Anand. Are they fighting hard? Not in all instances. They are 2700+ chickens playing systems which certainly won't upset any apple carts as their opponents probably know them as well as their proponents do.

If Gelfand holds his nerve, don't be surprised to see him go through. Kramnik is not the world's best "speed" player, but he does all right and his technical skills and understanding fo what he has to do is fabulous. Grischuk is tough in the clutch and a great quick player. Kamsky, of course, may defy everyone and win this round. He's got the brawn and people "underestimate" him although I am not sure his opponents do. This is why I miss Topalov--he would have everyone nervous. Now he's seen as vulnerable. And 4 games? How tragic. Your "chess life" for this period is held in the balance by 4 games, not even a 6 game match.

And there are people out there who really believe today's crop is stronger than Alekhine, Lasker, and Capablanca? I don't think so as all of these men were great at faster time controls. If you look at the book I published last winter called Lasker the Ultimate Streetfighter you would see what I mean. The man, before he ever became world champion, was a killer. Not necessarily in the opening (though he could win quickly there), but he missed little in the middlegame and was genius in the endgame. Even Capablanca said NO ONE played the endgame nor saw as much as Lasker--and Capablanca was touted, often, as a King in the endgame.

When I read yesterday on the ChessBase web site about those who are complaining about the 15 minute transmission delay, I could only cringe at the "excuses" (not reasons) that were given such as having to walk yards to the press room to find out who is winning. I thought, what a huge bunch of crybabies. These people are only interested in ONE thing, themselves. They don't give a crap about the welfare of the players, it's all about me, me, and me. It wasn't that long ago when we had to find out what happened in a match by reading it in a paper the NEXT day. Now we have these big babies bawling because they need to know NOW because there is this thing called the internet. Truly, truly, pathetic. If I were in a hiring position, NONE of these milquetoasts would be on my radar, at all, ever. Friedel didn't reveal who the NIC writer was and he's not worth looking up.

I missed sending out deadlines on Friday about the $15 Gift Certificate for the Red Wing event, because I was in Red Wing. So I will be extending it to May 31. After that it will be a straight $189. It is a fabulous city, hotel, site, and a place to enjoy oneself. Will tell you more soon AND with loads of pictures. In the one above, I am in a castle's parapet. What happened to the rest of the castle is beyond me!


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