Monday, May 9, 2011


Marketing an idea or a product is primarily what I do, and doing that has various degrees of difficulty.

For example, I want to spend a day in Red Wing this week to get some pictures, eat at a restaurant or two, look the locale over and also go to nearby Stillwater (another tourist town).


To get the lay of the land for the coming Chess Soiree in July.

It will make it easier to discuss to encourage and invite others to come. At the moment I have 4 paid and 2 who told me they WERE coming. It would be really cool to have at least 20. It would no doubt make GM Alex Yermolinsky feel want too! Useful and in an expansive mood to help you.

Going to Red Wing will make it easier to describe, to engulf, and to hope for more. Those of a similar bent will discover "What's the big deal?" I figure:
a) We got Osama out of the way, so we know he won't be there!;
b) Yes, gas has gone up $1/gal. since last year, so just multiply that by the number of gallons you would need to get there (and back) and you will see a "painful reminder" but a small increase in your vacation cost;
c) You will get to meet the man who wrote this incredibly frank book The Road to Chess Improvement (which I am re-reading--it has MORE than "nuggets" in it);
d) Hopefully you can get away from the incessant noise and grind from daily life and experience a little solitude in a place like Minnesota; BTW--Red Wing has an Amtrak station!
e) If you wish you can bring your family (did I just write "solitude?"); and
f) Learning something NEW in the way of chess thrills will leave a lasting memory, a good lasting memory.

In the meantime, I am trying to write a page a day in a special brochure I am working on to get you to change your mind and come to Red Wing (Philosophy 101: "Change your mind" simply means to me you haven't decided (a decision) or you need more details, etc. It's not coercion.)

Soon most of your questions will be answered in the brochure for The Red Wing Soiree. You can get yours when it is ready by contacting:

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