Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today is May 31... last day to get the $15 discount for the Red Wing event in Minnesota.

Four workshops on July 29-30 at the Country Inn & Suites, 4275 Hwy 61 West, Red Wing, MN 55066.

Workshop 1: Can you use a System to improve your Chess such as Moskalenko's Revolutionize Your Chess (book included FREE with registration). Friday evening. Conducted by GM Alex Yermolinsky.

Workshop 2: The Rules of the Game: Planning, Preparation, and Publishing. By Bob Long, owner and editor at Thinkers' Press, inc.

Workshop 3: Tactics, a new method. A small quick play King's Gambit Accepted tournament will be the offer for the day as you learn something new about tactics and quicker improvement. Introduction included and a "best games" included in the Abbazzi 1912 King's Gambit Accepted tournament won by Rudolph Spielmann. Must be a current USCF member. Memberships available on site.

Workshop 4: Using what you learned in action from Friday night against GM Yermolinsky in his simul ($30 extra).

In between times there will be Q&A, the Sales table, and great places to eat. Purposely planned to be intimate, no more than 22 can be registered. Seven have already signed up. Hope you will be one of the other 15.

For more info, contact: Bob Long -- bob@thinkerspressinc.com or 563-271-6657


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