Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Out of the smoking rubble sometimes the "unexpected" appears (Terminator).

With nothing but draws, Kramnik finally eliminates Radjabov. There was a clock problem, when the game resumed, R fell apart according to the commentary. No wins, it was pot luck. R proved he was Kramnik's equal in play, but not his equal in finding SOME way to win.

Even though I have been a fan of Grischuk's for a long time (going back to a 2001 book published by Chess Stars on worldwide tournaments), I figured Aronian would eventually pull it out, but he didn't. Grischuk goes through. Does being the "top dog" carry some burden with it? I think so. The top player at the chess club always has a target on his back and it makes it hard to gain rating points if you are the one. At some point the strong players need to "get out of town" to play and sharpen their knives even more.

Gelfand had already taken down Mamedyarov, and let's see, who was the other pairing... oh yes, Kamsky beat another favorite, Topalov.

This looks like Musical Chairs at this point, who will "sit out?" Gelfand, Kamsky, Kramnik, Grischuk.

We'll have to see who gets who in the pairings (and then, will it make a difference?). Kramnik is definitely a "clutch" guy but he seems to have a hard time "winning" anything. It will be an interesting set up. But IF Kramnik should get through all this, somehow, he will probably give Anand an even more difficult run for chess' money this time. I just wish we had a world champion who would set the US and Europe on fire with a commercial explosion. Anand, except in his home India, has done nothing... it's not in his nature. For that reason, even though Mr. Kamsky is not Mr. Excitement either, I would like to see him win it for the USA.

Don't know if you agree, but to have EVERYTHING come down to 8 guys playing 4 game mini-matches seems as bad as flipping a coin. Are there any crushers left? Nope. I think chess has gone to a world of probabilities. And probability has a way of smacking you silly when you least expect it. I don't think Anand has anything to worry about (but, remember it has come down to "probabilities.")

Back to work on a couple projects today: a list of some USED products and more work on a Red Wing brochure (which may be emailed in two stages???).

Weirdly, I am getting a LOT of questions about Purdy books and my oldstyle catalogs. I have no idea what has caused this--no doubt an article somewhere. Anyone know? One thing I am sure of, the inflated prices for Purdy books on the internet is being met with skepticism by some as they wait (profitably) for reprints to come from Thinkers' Press.

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  1. If anyone has been around the chess scene for more than just a few years and looks at the results of the first round of the candidates matches they can surely see that Carlsen was absolutely right for pulling out! To try and find a worthy opponent for the reigning world champion using the conditions set forth for these matches is simply a joke. Now don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying the games between Kamsky and Topalov, but how many people in the chess community really believe that Kamsky is the better player—maybe the better player this past week or so, but that's not what these matches are about. They are about finding the best player to put up against Anand, the current World Champion. All of the chess players deserve better than this system can produce.