Saturday, May 7, 2011


Didn't Yogi Berra say that?
Today in the already concluded Candidates' 3rd round Mamedyarov went down to Gelfand. Yesterday I gave the edge to Mamed but instead, paying zero attention to me (ha), he lost today though I have yet to look at the game. Will Mamed fold? I don't know that much about his character. It wasn't unusual for Lasker, for example, to need a warm up of a couple games before he went on a tear.

All the other games were drawn including the last to finish one between Aronian and Grischuk. Aronian had a pawn on the a-file and g-file, and Grischuk had one on the h-file. Each had a Rook, and Aronian was always ONE move away from mating Grishuck but it couldn't happen due to a distant R check.

If you want to know the web site I watched, it was given to me by my longtime Canadian friend Ken MacDonald:

Gives "live chat" too, most of which are not "plot points" by the fanatics but the commentary by strong players on the game is entertaining.

May add more later today... we'll see... time to mow the grass!


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