Thursday, May 26, 2011


Special thanks go out to Andy Ansel, Gary White, and Bob Woodworth for trying their best to locate information about analysis and books and how the evaluations diverge depending on which color you have.

Andy had the Petrosian's Legacy book but I couldn't pinpoint where it might be in the book. Gary looked through the book and couldn't find it. Thanks men.

Bob W. went through the Petrosian's Legacy book twice and How to Open a Chess Game. So now I am thinking that it "might" have been another author, but no idea which book. Always thought it was How to Open a Chess Game... maybe Larsen or Portisch. Maybe one of these days I will run across it before I give up. I prefer to get the quotes right, otherwise, anyone could have written it.

Bob also went through the Shekhtman books on Petrosian which was above and beyond. Thanks Bob. I love the fervor.

NOTE: Strong players seem to be universally okay with Anand facing Gelfand. For one thing we can see how well prepared Gelfand can be. His book My Most Memorable Games has been produced by Olms. I am out of it, but if anyone would like a copy for their shelves and games, I can order.


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