Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I don't know... actually.

People contact me about this or that, and mistakenly refer to my Blog as my Web Site. Huh? It's a blog site. My Web Site (name still under cover) is still being developed.

The STATS say that 56 are registered. A few are registered twice (I don't know HOW I got registered at all!). I have a funny suspicion that though I have 56 registered, 50% or more don't read it much PAST when they signed up. Some read this every day. What I am pushing lately is my Red Wing, MN event for which, last night, I created a cool logo. Perhaps I will get it on here this week.

And I believe that many more read this, including resellers, competition, and others simply because their emails "imply" they do. Lots of people with no imagination about business read it. Years ago I wrote something in my front page Blog for Chessco when I was doing that and it ended up in retail journals around the country as I heard from these people who said they were laughing and simultaneously nodding their head yes about some of the bizarre types of people they have had to deal with (people who would try to compute sales tax, on no sale, for example... I am kidding).

The Wall Street Journal (on the front page!) excerpted something I had written about people who couldn't add!

I have had drawings that I paid for show up on DVDs under a well known web site who should know better.

So if you read this and aren't registered, perhaps you could get off your lazy butt and register. The main reason is, unfortunately, Google gives more credibility to those who have high registration rates to their Blogspot setup. More credibility, maybe I can get a job writing for a nationally syndicated once a week column about the "Games People Play." With a wider audience one gets more criticism and that means more mail and the "boss" loves mail; means people are reading. They can UP their ad rates. Maybe I could write for Rupert Murdoch and tell him I would like to visit Australia and go look at Purdy's gravesite!

People who are satisfied seldom write. Those who are ALWAYS pissed off about something, write, and usually, none of us wants to hear from them. Unless it is about lousy customer service (of which there is plenty), they are often mental meltdowns. I only melt down once in a while.

Yesterday another guy, this one from NY, filed a class action lawsuit about Apple's "tracking" of people's location using his iPhone. If I were the judge I would ask him, "Who really gives a crap about YOU and where you are? You might get some additional ads, so what? Ads are everywhere. Maybe you could have offered Apple an extra $300 a year to make sure you NEVER get any ads. Get out of my courtroom and take those pin-striped leeches with you. But before you leave, I need $5,000 for court costs loser."

Class action lawsuits seldom net ANYONE money except for the lawyers who stand to make as much as $70,000 per person (hence the reason for class action) while the goof who "thought" this gem up gets $13.06. We need some overhauling folks. You can bet that should Congress take away Big Oil's "tax incentives" that they will raise the price of fuel to compensate for their"loss." Their explanations for the reason for the increase in gas prices while at the same time making astronomical profits begs for relief that ANY classroom ethics and logic professor would be glad to take on. How their "spokesman/woman" can give these press conferences without gagging says a lot for muscle-relaxers from Big Pharma.

I'll get back to chess tomorrow with some info on the first issue of SCORE. Sign up, limited time, $45 for 16 issues designed to "goose" your brain. Mine's already goosed.