Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Earl Zismer is coming to the Red Wing, MN event July 29-30. Here is what Earl had to say, a subject I have been preaching for years—"Professionals Need a Time Out:"

"I will be in Red Wing on 7/29. I've never been to a Soiree. There is no doubt that it will be a good time. We lost a manager and a staff member from the department I work in, and of course the work load was not reduced. So I will be in need of a long weekend in late July and this chess party will be just the thing. I'll send my reservation via snail mail with my credit card number... I look forward to seeing you on the 29th!"

Thanks Earl.

Sometimes we just have to say YES. Anyone can say "no." Yes is more difficult.

I will be sending out another, extra edition, and more complete brochure in the next few days. If you get your $189 registration fee in by May 31, you can save $15. I know to some this is a insignificant sum for the fun they have, but it's there for those who find "every little bit helps," and who want to be FIRST among the 22 places we have.


Yep, I had to do a recalc. When I went there a week ago Friday, with my daughter Chris, to scout out the place, it was obvious that to be comfortable, the original intention of "intimacy" was going to be kept. I was hoping for 30 or more, but due to the structure of setting up tables in the meeting room, the best we can do is 22 (I like the way that rhymes).

We will meet with Grandmaster and 2-time US Champion Alex Yermolinsky. There will be 4 workshops, and they will include a simultaneous ($30 extra). If you've never played a GM or never played a famous or GREAT grandmaster, you should consider coming to this.

If you stay in the Country Inn & Suite Hotel for two nights there will be a surprise for you on the second day of your stay (nope, I've given up on the idea of the inflatable doll as a gift!).

It's $189 to register for those two days of adventuresome fun. Find out how to improve your tactics, whether a chess system will work for you, and how to PLAN what you do with: "The Rules of the Game." Also, a number of FREEBIES will be yours for registering--all part of the deal. Call the Country Inn & Suites for your CHESS GROUP reservation at: 651-388-9000. Air transportation to Rochester MN or St. Paul/Mnpls. and then a rental car makes it all possible.

Call: 563-271-6657 or write: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

I thank you, my Mom thanks you!

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