Sunday, May 22, 2011


Saturday Alexander (Sasha) Grischuk had the white pieces against Boris Gelfand. He sprung a novelty and in return Gelfand sprung one right back. Thought for quite a while. On moved 14 he offered a draw.

It is "my" view that Grischuk didn't like the way this "might" go and offered a draw and Gelfand, knowing that although the novelty may have "scared" Grischuk, he understood that Grischuk had a way of turning the tables in such a fight, and besides, it would mean a White for Grischuk was wasted. Ultimately this will probably prove to be a mistake on Gelfand's part.

It looks as though Grischuk is ready to fight with the black pieces or even go into the rapid play contest, as he did before. Gelfand is no wimp in rapid play but it seems that everyone thinks Grischuk is superior in rapid and blitz play. If Gelfand knows what is good for him, he better win a game in the best of 6 series or he won't be playing Anand. Gelfand has shown resiliency and toughness, but it seems possible that Grischuk may be the greater strategist.

Someone wrote they got my Red Wing brochure and that the state was not mentioned as to where this would take place. Well, that is not the case. In several places it is mentioned that it will be in Red Wing, MN (Minnesota). An area code was also given. Red Wing boots COME from Minnesota and any googling will confirm this, So I apologize for any obliqueness. Here is the street address, which I have added (though I said I would be sending a map, and the address was given in previous PDFs): 4275 Highway 61 W. The zip is 55066.

That same person also asked about the skill level of chess player. In the past, and not now, have I ever refused anyone because they were high, or low, or not rated? Since I make no exclusions in the brochure, no one can assume there are exclusions. This is about chess. I don't care whether you are a D or E rated player or a master (I've had masters at my events). You are welcome. Bring a clock if you have one.

More specifics will be provided in the next brochure. In the meantime, please read the one sent; there is a ton of good info in there. One guy said he could come up with the $$$ for the fee, and the lodging, but transportation would be a stretch. I don't know where he lives (he didn't say), but in 1972 I coughed up $1,300 to go see Fischer and Spassky--and I got a lifetime of mileage out of it. Put it on a credit card, take out a small loan, borrow from your kids... but don't screw with a once in a lifetime event that will fuel a passion. I have been to many events since then. They all cost money. Some had to be put on a credit card. Maybe put a hold on that 120 inch LCD screen!!! I have a 21 inch TV, unplugged, sitting in a corner, no antenna. No HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, etc. I am saving $50-100 per month and DO NOT miss it. I don't smoke or drink not because I am a hero, but it isn't necessary for me. I have a 2-story $85,000 house I am still paying a mortgage on and I own a 2008 HHR which is the closest I have come to a "new" car (I bought it in 2009) in forever. The car has 42 payments to go.

I suspect people look at me as poverty-stricken. I guess it is what matters to me and to others. Anyway, I hope you will come. You come and I can pay MY credit card off!


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