Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I've been doing bookkeeping the past couple days, trying to get everything caught up for the people I owe money to.

So this afternoon I will be putting together a Limited Special Sale. Not sure what, maybe Old and New.

In the meantime I want to remind everyone that they can subscribe to SIXTEEN issues of the new openings publication SCORE. If you have never subscribed to The Chess Reports, you can be a FIRST time subscriber to SCORE for ONLY TWENTY BUCKS!

If you were a previous subscriber then it is $45 temporarily ($49.95 regularly). If you have a GOLD CARD it will be $39.95. I've mentioned the value of the Gold Card and you can still get one if you've never had one before ($50--the savings can be tremendous--but it's more than that--GC buyers also often get FIRST PEEKS at NEW lists). Several have taken advantage of this.

A Couple of Instant Items are:

1. Lasker & His Contemporaries #6. Normally $34.95.
2. Purdy's Chess Chronicles Vol 1 (4 issues, 2 currently available). Normally $69.95.

Get both for $89.95.

This OFFER is good through Saturday, May 28th. ONLY 3 MORE days!

Alekhine the Executioner is at the printer. 59 annotated games by a CRUSHER of a world champion.

NOTE: For those who are going for the FREE Chess Gangs of London and New York, May (this month) os the first month of the paired months, the second being June. Those who bought over $100 worth of chess product between March and the end of April will get a copy of Alekhine the Executioner for FREE! Shipping and insurance doesn't count.

If you got my 4-pager yesterday, please READ page 3 again and you will see the point and value of this Promotion.


PS: AT about 10:30 AM (CT) Gelfand emerged victorious over Grischuk, whose game plan, if he had one, backfired. In a Gruenfeld Gelfand got the better game. I was nervous about Grischuk's R maneuvers and in the end, that proved to be his problem when a lethal check by Gelfand allowed him to emerge a piece up.

Mr. Lower Lip Gelfand is having the time of his life. A former Soviet, now Israeli. You gotta figure this will boost chess in Israel. If Grischuk had won would it have boosted chess in Russia? No. Even champions-to-be have to win sometimes and Gelfand did when Grischuk went on "tilt.". I will have to order some copies of his book--it's a good book. He's strong. I think he wanted this more than Grischuk.

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