Thursday, May 5, 2011


For the first 4 months of this year, new items in terms of books have been slow to materialize. This doesn't mean "crap" hasn't materialized, crap is always there, poking its nose around in the sewer.

There has been an increase in DVDs from ChessBase.

But sales haven't been rocketing here and I think part of the problem is not "lack of funds" but stuff that has come out hasn't blown up any skirts! If I am wrong, I hope you will write to tell me, but I don't see that happening.

However, sales of Purdy's Chess Chronicles and Lasker & His Contemporaries #6 has continued, along with the new publication SCORE. Amazingly, these are Thinkers' Press publications. Gambit has issued nothing exciting lately and New in Chess is a mixed bag. Everyman has had a few winners and I expect some good stuff from Chess Stars next week.

Still, it isn't easy to get TPi products in the hands of others (resellers) because that would require PROMOTION. I have learned in the chess world, over the years, the ONLY way to promote a very good product, is to have someone who is well respected say somewhere on the web, "This is great." If that person has credibility, it will sell. If that "celeb" says this is GREAT and says it again 2 months later, sales will go on for a lot longer instead of the customary 2-3 weeks (same as movies at the theater).

People are always looking for the next new thing. This is WHY I highly recommend coming to the chess soiree in Red Wing, MN this July 29-30. It is different. There will be a book included in your registration and a workshop with a new book planned called PLANNING AND PREPARATION. There will be a whole NEW idea on learning tactics. These things take time to take hold because REALISTICALLY, chess players are conservatives. How do I know? Easy. When recently I sent out the Newsletter for the Critical Secrets for Success at Chess and Anything Else, I asked if someone besides the publisher (me) would post Yermolinsky's 7 page critique. I didn't hear from even ONE person. It went out to 40 people. That's why whenever a Charles Bronson movie came out it would do well. Everyone urged Bronson's character on to "kick ass" themselves, but individually, no one would do it; I guess we have Navy SEALS to handle all that.

Still, I hear how "busy" everyone is. Then I find out people are still watching DWTS and American Idol, so it's hard for me to believe that. Everyone who is working is exhausted from having 4-6 weeks vacation each year! I have a friend, two years older than I am, retired, and all he does is watch TV! From sun up to sun down. He is bored out of his skull, but he won't break those habits! Instead, he sends me emails of YouTube clips, cartoons and jokes, and aviation stuff! He's even too lazy to take my name off of his scattershot list after I have asked him!

Why don't you break a bad habit and sign up for the Chess Soiree?


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