Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Couldn't get it finished last night. It is hard to put out a list to get any results if it is only two pages! So this one will be 4 with an order form on the last page so that people can figure their own amounts to send. The vast majority want me to figure it for them and I do not understand why unless someone is afraid of "missing" some particular nuance. Usually all the prices and shipping terms are on the same (or the back) page.

Have noticed that some people have total crap on their Facebook page (relatives seem particularly prone to do this). I've thought of making up a character and posting it, with comments such as these:

Cleaver: Have gone outside for a couple minutes to breathe.

Cleaver: I'm back, didja miss me?

Cleaver: Going to doctor tomorrow, forget why. Wonder if Dr. has a Facebook page.

Cleaver: I'd like to take my computer with me when I am grocery shopping so I could tell everyone what I am buying, even what I am putting back on the shelf.

(Hey man, why not just order your groceries?)

On the other hand, Andrew Martin asked a question and got at least 58 replies. The question went along the lines of: "What should White play against the Pirc?" Then he added, "The answer 'anything' would not be appreciated." That cracked me up. Quite a few people answered 4. Bg5, the Byrne Variation, which I played for many years.

Catalog coming.

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