Thursday, September 30, 2010


Last night I sent the cover and textblock files to one of my printers, for The Critical Secret for Success. Hoorah. I will order a stack of books for the formerly titled Chess Secrets on Friday. I think it is a terrific book but with ONE problem. After submitting it for printing, I had some more ideas! They will have to wait until a followup book--not the same one, but more (though the book size is the same size); I had this problem with The Chess Assassin's Business Manual too, but I made a predetermined cutoff of 300 pages, which I stuck with. You might consider my new book as a Volume 2, but it is really on a wholly NEW subject and no repeat of material. It will be 198 pages, so together, almost 500 pages. The book will be available, it looks like, at the Last Chess Clinic for $39.95. A number of people, 16-18 I think, have pre-ordered. I am only doing a print run of 50 copies at this time! I've also listed the price to be on Amazon, at $99.00 as I am not really after their selling it, they cheapen everything, including GREAT stuff. But my real reason for that high price point is that the material is worth it. I recently paid $100 for a spiral bound book that, to me, was totally worth what I paid! I read 200+ pages in a day and a half and couldn't get enough. I hope you feel the same way. If not, read it again. I had to read some things I wrote, three times, to get the FULL impact of what I was writing!

If you aren't coming to the clinic there are other prices from $49.95 to $79.95. And yes, I have already sold at the higher prices. The whole concept introduced a new line of books, in my mind, called "Secrets and Successes." Better than the "Dummies" or "Complete Idiots" books but only for subjects I know something about. I may contract other authors for other subjects but they have to give real value and be comprehensible.

I have no idea how many of my books will eventually sell but the content has varied and interesting "bits", and can be used in presentations, speeches, and other venues if you can convert the metaphoric word "chess" into something else. I'll be getting some additional graphics via Fedex tomorrow.

While there are "marginalia," it is not overwhelming like in some books--which end up being nothing more than a giant distraction. Contact me if you want to know more and I will put you on a Special List.

Also, tonight I will be finishing The Chess Reports which is due for tomorrow. I've been out of town for 9 hours today visiting my folks, so I am wired for production after a 2 hour nap.

I'm getting notes from a lot of people who are really looking for ward to the Chess Clinic.

See you tomorrow I expect.

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