Monday, September 20, 2010


My friend Patti speculated that some are waiting to close to the last minute to see if I will offer a price reduction on the Last Chess Clinic to quickly fill it up. She said she spent $85 on a concert ticket and when the event wasn't sold out, the remaining tickets were offered at $40. She thought it was unfair. They wouldn't give her a price reduction on the ticket she had already bought--it was in the fine print "they said."

NOPE. I never do that. It IS unfair. I never drop the price of an event after people have already paid good money in good faith. What would they do the next time? Wait.

When I have sold at big chess events (including a US Open) I noted there were some people hanging around without saying anything. I asked them if there was something wrong. One guy said, "We are waiting for the last minute sale." I said, "What sale?" (Knowing full well what they were talking about.) They told me the names of 2-3 others who try to unload what they have at the last minute so they don't have to pack up and unpack when they get home (laziness knows no bounds). I said, "if you see something you want, you better get it now, because I don't do that." For years my best sales, especially in Wisconsin, were the "night before." I had regular clients who would stop by my room, cash or checkbooks in hand (or credit cards) and walk out with armloads of stuff before the "others" got there. In effect, they determined whether I would have a good weekend. The "last-minute" fellows missed out on all that. No leftovers.

The economics of selling off the left overs at the last minute, wasn't sound and it didn't build ONE iota of trust--necessary for any good relationship. There are more ingredients to a successful sale than just price, even today in these weird times.

So, 38 "tickets" have been sold, there are TWELVE left. $139 through Oct. 16th, $125 if you have a Gold Card. $150 at the door (if I am not SOLD OUT!)

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