Friday, September 24, 2010


Originally titled "Chess Secrets," the text for this book is finished. More proofing is being done to eradicate those little snippets of irritation which DO NOT creep in at the last minute, instead, which are there and have not yet been discovered. The biggest problem is invariably caused by adding things at that very last minute and "assuming" (always incorrectly of course) they are "bug free." Not true kemo sabe.

Several things to do today, to finish up and have a great weekend... and I hope you do too.

I got a complaint from my bulk email provider. Someone bitched about getting something from me (didn't say what it was) that was SPAM. I don't do this, but I do have a few idiots on my lists who ask me for something and later on "forget" they contacted me first! Would I want to do business with someone like that? No way. Once in a while someone will object to my use of the word IDIOT--apparently they have never met one. I still get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night and don't have time to argue with them.

I have, at various times, indicated in my email postings that if someone wants OUT, just let me know. Apparently it is easier to email someone else, explain their problem, blah blah blah, than it is to write me and have me delete their ass forever, right now. They want to flex their mental muscle, which admittedly will probably only take a nano second, but that's what is happening. Want to make sure I am "aware" of their upsetedness. These "people" are still walking the earth and I can only "assume" that any hair growing around their knuckles has been worn off from dragging them on the ground.

Every morning I get stuff from companies who want to do this or that. If I am not interested I do the unsubscribe thing (when it exists) or just delete it. If the anti-spammers want to go after egregious companies how about those that have "unsubscribe links" but when you get there the maze is so complicated that a lab rat couldn't find its way out, and you still remained "connected." Sometimes the questions they ask about leaving are so convoluted that you know it is designed to keep you, but why would they want to? Only thing I can think of is to sell your name on an email list to someone else. I've never sold email addresses.

Going to a "Doo Wop" show tomorrow night. Put some real rock 'n roll in my veins.

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