Wednesday, September 1, 2010


In a drawing for Chess Clinic signups through August 16th, Earl Zismer, from Dubuque, is the winner of a set of SHOCKER DVDs from Thinkers' Press (us) and Andrew Martin! I apologize for the delay on this. Earl has been to a number of my events over the years and he's a great guy, a hard worker, and enjoys chess when he can! Thanks for signing up Earl. The package will be delivered at the Chess Clinic.

I expect #30 tomorrow or the next day if he is not beaten to it! He's already contacted me, but you know me, I don't publish until it's a done deal. Sometimes the temptation is strong to do that, but I have to resist as I recall, "Hmmmm.... hasn't this turned out to be unadvisable before?"

If you think this is an achievement it is (big numbers for the Chess Clinic) but I had 54 PAID at the Chess Festival in 2002. There were 4 chess (+1 non chess) celebrities at that one (which makes a difference). The additional person was Ray Smullyan, who ended up being the HIT of the weekend. In fact, GM Jonathan Rowson was later invited to Smullyan's home in the Catskills of NY (Ray has a nice place there, in the woods, thousands and thousands of books, and he loves breakfasts just like I do). Jonathan did go and they became good friends.

So if I can get 50 people with Andrew as the main celeb, that's great. I've also confirmed that Andres Hortillosa will be here on Friday night with his Smart Chess Demo. I'll be putting up more info on that in the next emailing I send out. Pic above.

Hard to believe it is September already. Don't wait! only 7 weeks left.

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