Sunday, September 26, 2010


"is that it might not work out."

This headline comes this morning from marketing master Seth Godin in his daily blog (

On the other hand he follows up with its counterpart"

"The problem with not putting it all on the line is that it will never (ever) change things for the better… Not much of a choice, I think. No risk, no art. No art, no reward."

This describes my goal of 50 paid seats for the Chess Clinic. I believe it can be done, IF I get help from you. I can't state an unrealistic goal and HOPE that others will go along with my kind of performance.

Over the years and 9 other major events and a couple smaller ones --in the invites I have sent out -- I have received my share of "BE BACKS." Anyone who sells knows what those are: promises which won't be fulfilled. Every mall artist, dishware, or martial arts salesman has heard it. Bookstores hear it and I've heard it. After taking up one's time by asking questions (and usually, "just one more question"), showing interest, a decision is put on hold by walking away and saying, "I'll be back." But, as you know, they don't come back. The only guy I have ever seen come back was the Terminator and that was a movie!

Salespeople like me have heard of the city, or town, of Think-It-Over, Iowa (I wish Iowa wasn't picked for this, but it is true enough). According to Dan Kennedy, "There the only traffic light stays yellow, the only color is gray, there's only one item on the restaurant's menu, and nothing ever changes -- every family's TV stays on whatever channel it's set on when first delivered to the home, because changing it requires decisions, which they must think over and never stop thinking it over until they die."

I do know people who, after they got all the visual aid salespitches (brochures via email) they never say a thing to me about their decisions until I contact them personally. It's a different form of beback. The local chess club has 20 members, only one of them is coming to the upcoming chess clinic. Two other Davenporters who don't BELONG to the chess club now or anymore, ARE coming. From the times I have been there EVERY one of those players could use some kind of coaching or extra help, instead, they pay the monthly tournament fee, which over a year isn't any different than the clinic cost, and they continue to wander around like the Israelites after they fled Egypt. What's totally amazing is that this is in their own backyard.

I thank all of you who have signed up and welcome all those who want to come and WILL come.

October 22-23, Clarion Hotel, 7-9 Friday evening, 10-6 Saturday. Want more information? Contact me at:

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  1. I can't believe that only one from the local chess club is coming. It is on your own doorstep and in a weekend. Would you prefer to fly to UK to meet with Andrew?