Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The Chess Reports... Timing of reviews and prices of new items.

Some newcomers to my business, and possibly some older ones, may look for a certain item or a certain price and may not find it, or it may not have been posted yet.

This Friday issue #114 of The Chess Reports will be out and it will have commentary on, and pricing of, very recent things I have in stock.

One reason everything can't be done all at once: it's only me here. This week I am finishing TCR, and three books by Saturday--interior and covers. Extremely time consuming. 3-4 days a week I am at the post office because in MY neighborhood there are no regular scheduled pickups of my outgoing mail. Openings boxes of new stuff, writing these "Quirky" newsletters as one guy called them. I work about 12 hours a day. More orders to me would make it more fun wouldn't it? Usually orders go out within 24 hours, questions get answered as I have time.

I've been working a lot on the Chess Clinic. So far I have opted not to have surgery to add two more arms. In the "old" days when I had 2-3 extra employees you would find that a very few worriers would send me an email order in the morning and then call to see if I got it. That only slows things down doesn't it?

I no longer have employees because I can't afford the cost of vacations, health insurance, and raises... all things Americans like. I can't afford it because everyone in this country from Amazon on down, wants a discount of some kind on what they buy (there are a few who don't care, they know I will give them my best price). So instead of taking an item off the shelf and entering the retail price less some kind of a discount, it has to be looked up and priced. For example, today: I got a number of new items in and they will all need to be inventoried, priced, described, and such. In one case a customer has been waiting for several items for some time from a new vendor I began using. I just went ahead and shipped the items to him and will charge his card and take care of paperwork tonight. I thought it in his best interests to get those things right off to him. Remembering to send the paperwork to him is a priority because he has NO email address(!) Yep, I take care of everybody.

I could use a few more (15) registrants to the Chess Clinic. We have 35 paid. Then everyone can converge and get everything they need at the clinic. To handle all this stuff I will need to create an extensive listing in carbon paper form since I am not lugging all my computer equipment there! Will have credit card (electronic) operations, I am told.

Subscriptions: $59.95 for semester 9, thirteen fat issues via email only. $49.95 if you are a GOLD CARD holder. Having The Chess Reports makes everything easier.

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