Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yippee! Bart has been a customer since the 90s and said he always wanted to get to one of the shindigs and this time, he will do it! He works at US Air. This guy loves chess and has tried to recruit 3-4 additional people to come. So far he's gotten: 1) guy fell down and thinks he broke a couple ribs (thinks???); I forget the second "reason" but it was another eye-roller. Got another one this morning which was a doozy.

I remember telling someone once: It would be nice to hear something that was really believable. People must be embarrassed to not be able to say "It's just not my cup o' tea!" Or, "I don't want to spend the money on chess. I'm a smoker." Whatever. (I haven't gotten the "whatever" reason yet. I know I could think of ludicrous but much more interesting reasons such as: "Our Heavy Metal Band is having it's last night that weekend. We've been a total flop all these years but we kept hoping it would turn around. Turns out people don't like Heavy Metal or Rap but are afraid they will get beaten up by their peers! Besides, my hearing is now completely shot and I would miss everything Andrew Martin has to say. Really wish I could be there, wink, wink.")

Bart is #35, we thank him and Martin Stafford.

Belly up guys, to the bar. We will probably eat that Saturday night at "Mo Bradys." Great food, but I better contact them first. A block from the Hotel, you can walk!


Bart remembers my old catalogs such as "Son of Killer Chess Catalogs" and all the other crazy stuff I had going on back then, the Chess Gazettes, and lots of etcetera.

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