Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tomorrow I should have another brochure going out to my customers and potential customers on the French Defense. 3 different sets!

1. Rustam Kasimdzhanov... taking White's side. Brilliant analyses. Three ChessBase DVDs.

2. Andrew Martin. Three Foxy videos. DVDs.

3. Simon Williams. Two GingerGM videos. DVDs.

Each one has its advantages. All different materials for each. If you play the French or are thinking of doing so... I highly recommend them. Don't overlook Kasimdhzanov's stuff to make Black look bad.

Pricing announced tomorrow.

BTW, I've noticed several people are asking me to set aside items to be picked up at the Chess Clinic. Generally I don't like doing this because I have been on the short end when a few screwball characters would end up not showing or picking up the goods--therefore not paying--therefore not selling to someone else.

I will give it another shot. Let me know what you would like.


PS: Clarion Hotel. 563-391-1230.

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