Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Except for the daily blog when you don't hear from me it is because I am working on a "must get done" project.

1. Yesterday it was sending out a SALE sheet on Gambit books. I gave it, this time, a two week response time for you to save money (over and to prove some points--do deadlines work? Reason I ask is that someone asked me why I created such short time frames? Answer: It is a Call to Action. The stats show that if you can't get people energized by the weekend, you won't get them energized or spending period (few exceptions). If I do not make sales, I am toast. This lengthened Time Period of two weeks, has so far, not worked at all but to prove it I will have to wait two weeks won't I?

2. Today I sent out brochure #11 on the Last Chess Clinic to rouse some more people from their slumber. I also visited Mo Brady's to find out if they could seat close to 50 people after the event is over, at 7 p.m. on Saturday. I'll be calling Rita, the manager, tomorrow.

3. Sent off a lot of returned toner cartridges to HP today for ecological reasons. At $100 a pop, it gets serious.

4. Last week I was working heavily on the Index for Purdy's My Search for Chess Perfection. It will be 20 pages!!! Three columns. Plus an extra chapter which was inadvertently excluded from the 2006 edition. It will be about 420 pages and be priced at $39.95. I still have clean up to do. Every printer who knows me wants to bid on this book!

5. The interior of Lasker: Ultimate Streetfighter is finished, but I need to whip together the cover. This goes FREE to Clinic attendees. I could probably do it in two hours but by the time the evening rolls around I am beat! This book series will also be used in what will be termed a "Continuity Program," which will be explained soon enough.

6. My other personal project, The Critical Secret for Success, alternately called Chess Secrets, is close to being finished. It started out with a goal of 100 pages and is now 175 with probably 5 more to go and no index planned. Also, to add on, a workbook called The Critical Secret for Success Clipboard. In both cases these two dynamite books will save you a HUGE chunk if bought AT the Chess Clinic. Information will be emailed out on all these projects.

7. Review copies and sales sheets will be going out on Andrew Tocher's new book, In Your Face Chess Novelties.

There's been a lot of other stuff such as dealing with the hotel, ordering supplies and so forth. Am setting YOU up for a good time. Tonight, I need to get bills paid and order more stuff.

7. I guess I've been sitting on my butt!

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