Friday, October 1, 2010


should go to the printer tomorrow, if everything goes well.

It will be about 420 pages or almost 30 more than the last edition. There will be an additional chapter (On Castle Walls) and a huge index of about 20 pages so that you can find almost anything in that voluminous book. There have been many times when I was looking for a particular quote or object and it would take waaaay too long to find it... way too long. Now I can probably find it under the various subject headings (which go as much as 3 deep) and pick it out quickly. The Index is detailed.

For example, if you want to check something out in ATTACKS, but you want to know more, such as involving pawns, then you can go even further with respect to "chain base" or "from flank or rear."

There are also game references which are easier to look up. Players, their books, etc. There are "weirdicisms" too.

Under the subject heading of "chess" you will find about 50 items and that one is comfortable low compared to combinations, or position play, pawns, and strategy. It took me about a week to prepare the index and while I don't admit it is perfect, it's pretty darn useful, already! (I used it the other day to find something.)

Lasker the Ultimate Streetfighter should be going to the printer soon too as well as the "Secrets" book.

And there are some new titles coming in next week from Quality Chess.

More on other subjects such as Referrals, Renewals, and other "R" words such as Rewards, but then my good customers already know about that one.

I need you guys to keep me busy handling orders so that I won't have time to put together another catalogs (catalogs are probably the least used of all my services and yet everyone wants one!) I have Informants now also.

See ya tomorrow.

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