Saturday, September 4, 2010


This morning I prepared 17 printed packets of info to send out by mail time to those who I've sold to in the past, but most of whom do not have email addresses (or didn't have the last time I contacted them). These will go out around the country. In a recent Broadband survey, for Iowa, it was revealed that about a third of all the houses (21% no broadband and 10-11 % don't have a computer or use it if they do) were not using the internet, for all kinds of reasons. Years ago I guessed that this was so for at least 25% of my customers and people told me they found that hard to believe (letting facts get in the way of THEIR lifestyle).

Some people (like me) just like to get MAIL and have it be something worthwhile. Isn't that part of the issue? Who wants to get ONLY letters from insurance companies, credit card companies, pizza offers, and Social Security stuff? Except for the pizza companies, all of this mail is unbelievably uninteresting and I don't eat pizza because I am diabetic.

But the point is, I am doing whatever is necessary to get people to come to the chess clinic which is only 5 weeks or so away. Others are helping by asking their "friends." I put "friends" in quotes because often when we get right down to it, personal friends treat us as if WE (you and me) are trying to scam money from them! Those who have told me they have asked others are: Ed reedy, Bob Lynch, Roger Kromphardt, Ron Nurmi, Steve Lamansky, Andy Ansel, Laz Munoz, William Shehan, Bob Woodworth, and Ken MacDonald. Bless you all. Bob Woodworth must have a great friend in John Hoffmann because he IS coming. THESE are the kinds of friends we really want in our life.

I wouldn't be surprised if some ask, "Davenport, Iowa, where is that?" Pure ignorance. I know where a lot of cities are in the US and I don't ask that question. This CLINIC will keep you busy, you won't have time for other stuff (miniature golf, bowling, shopping, museums, etc. but your significant other will!) This is about chess for us. It's the same way with "magic events." All the effort is on the magicians, the tricks, the friendships. Here, at this clinic you will be in touch with those who have tastes similar to yours. Friendships are easily made. Jim Perry, Dale Suilmann, and Julian Wan joined my son Rob, myself, and Andrew Martin in Savannah, GA in 2008. Ron Nurmi and Steve Lamansky came earlier (I had a date change, which they knew about, but couldn't swing coming down twice) were "available." It was a small crowd but one of the best. Now there is at least 10 times that. But the friendships formed at the evening restaurants and lunches in the Savannah area were priceless. And it just gets better.

Dollarwise we are talking probably 300 dollars or so if you register, get a room for one night, gas and some food. If you buy other things (at the clinic and elsewhere) you could easily go to $500 or more. But it's a Gig, and what a gig! I've known people to go to A baseball game in Chicago, with a couple kids, easily blow a thou. So it still comes down to WHAT turns you on. My "friends" (you folks) often just tell me, "Bob, I need a time out."

I am trying to make this the MOST turned you on event I have ever held. Hope you come. Call me at 563-271-6657.

PS: There is a fellow in the Pacific Rim who has been emailing me and it sounds very likely (thumbs up) that he will be coming. Change his itinerary, etc. but he can do it. Fortunately NONE of those who are coming let other stuff get into their way. You people, you're great, I love it, and will be seeing you soon.

Now, back to "indexing" the revised Purdy book--which I predict will be a HUGE hit.

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